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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I started in the early 90s after after 10 years as a community broadcaster. I think it’s that training in communication that gives me an edge in dealing with customers. Fixing tech problems isn’t just about fixing the computers/software. It’s also making sure the customer understands what has happened and why.

The company name dates back to the nickname I used when I lurked around on BBS (bulletin boards) pre-Internet. It served me well so I co-opted it into my business name:

Catpaw Computer Consulting – user friendly tech support for the home and small office environment.

Changes in the tech market have been swift over the last 3 years with people moving over rapidly to tablets. I’ve also done quite a few “house calls” via the Internet with people out of the country. I now run a service for customers who travel outside of the GTA. If they run into issues, they can text me for quick answers or setup an online call where I can log into their system and fix the issues. To date, I’ve fixed laptops in Mexico, Texas, Portugal, UK, Vancouver BC, around Toronto and Hungary. Distance is no longer a barrier.

So what do I do? Setup software and configure it, trouble shoot pretty much ever problem that crops up with software, wifi setups and training. I've now brached out into administrative support for customers who have migrated away from traditional office setups and need a bit of word processing and printing. 

If you'd like to talk to me about what services I can supply, fill out the  form below.


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