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Wednesday, August 23, 2017



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June 24 2017

Time to catch up. April saw a few weird glitches after I moved to a new host. Changed to Host Papa and the move went smoothly. Except for the unfortunate hickup a few weeks later when the entire site became non functioning. Readable, but impossible to post new stuff. Was a weird glitch that took over a week to repair. Had to reload a couple of the newest articles and lost the hit count for a few. Which was a shame, they had nearly 2,000 views. 

Switched back to experimenting with Google Adsense because they have flexible sized ads. Not a lot in the way of dollar making, it's more an experiment in seeing what happens when changes are made to ad size/placement etc. Google ads allows for much more flexibility than so I'll play with them for a bit. You'll see the ads shift a bit over the next few months.  I'll be experimenting with effects of ads within the posts themselves. Not fond of them, more curious to see what happens. 

Thinking of a new banner header.  New font hunt is under way. Any suggestions, drop them on me. 

Changed the focus of the Philately section. I've been posting interesting tidbits happening in the stamp world along with interesting auctions I stumble across. 

Trying to adjust the "Read More" banner so it's cleaner looking. Come to loath the colour of the banner and poking it with a big stick to see what  blends best. 

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Rewriting this section - found the old bit very boring. No idea how long it will take. Maybe I'll do some stick drawings of my life and put them here. Then again, maybe not. 

The cat in the image

The cat in the postage stamp was my cat. His name was Cat. Seriously, why waste a perfectly good name on a creature that won’t listen to you to start with. He lived for 19 years happily demanding we pay homage to his greatness. He was a weird little tabby who could carry a grudge for years. I’m glad I was always on the miserable little sod’s good side … he’s still missed greatly.


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