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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Looking around for some interesting fonts to play with and found a grunge font that appeals to me. I want to redo the site logo and not sure what path to take. Humger Free Font by Graphic Pear ( ticks a couple of boxes. For a grunge style font, it’s surprisingly clean. The designer resisted the urge to go over the top with the scratchy, jaggy effect. Another element I like is the strong, thin, vertical look to the lettering. It’s urban, clean and simple. I tend to look at it as slightly shop worn rather than grunge. More the effect I’m thinking of for the new logo.

Trying out a new font for my logo - Humger free font by Graphic Pear

Visually, Humger isn’t jarring. The progression from letter to letter is uniform.  I was playing around with a different grunge font (can’t remember which one off the top of my head) and discarded it because the spacing between the round letters like “o” and tall letters like “t” and “I” was all askew.  Drove me bats because the wording looked lopsided and sloppy. I had to keep adjusting the spacing. Eventually I figured, if it took that much work to do a simple job then maybe it’s time to look for a font better suited to the task. Humger seems to avoid this pitfall. 

One problem, for me, is it’s a capital letter font only, no lower case.  Since “espresso fueled ramblings” is always in lower case, it won't work.  Pity really.  

This is Graphic Pear's own offering. Shows the potential in Humger.  I think it's really meant to be BIG and bold on the page. Regardless, I like this one and will keep it in mind.

Humger font by Graphic Pear - sample


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