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Monday, December 18, 2017

I have no idea what plant this is: Unidentified plant in Toronto

Looks like a mutant milkweed pod. I spotted it while walking along a street north of St. Clair near Spadina. If you know what this is, leave a comment. I’m baffled. There was a huge grouping along a fence. 

Unidentified plant in Toronto

It has a neat starburst shape when you look at it straight down with a deep red line along each pod. The smaller pods don't have the red marking. It wasn't near any source of water so it can't be milkweed, at least not any I grew up around. Unidentified plant in Toronto

Don't know, but I may have watched way too many B grade monster movies growing up. When I spotted it I almost yelped "POD PEOPLE" ... and snickered to myself. Unidentified plant in Toronto

Any ideas?




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