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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Photoshop digital art - more work on the arch

Still working on the doorway arch. Hard to believe I haven't flitted off to another project already, but this one has turned into an excellent challenge with all the shadows and highlights. After doing a line trace of the original photo, I've been using a simple round, black brush tip with varying flow to get the deep, dark shadows and sense of depth. Here's the next stage:

 Digital art - Munk Centre doorway

I've turned the water colour wash off for awhile so I can concentrate on just the ink effect.  I'm saving each stage, so far 15 shots, so I can pull them together on an animated gif to show the work as it progresses. When I finish the art, I'll post it for you.

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Photoshop digital art - working on shadows and effects

Back banging away with my Wacom tablet again. I've been working on trying to even out my water colour wash effect. To date, it's been pretty much hit and miss so I've been working on some new ideas. I was looking over shots I took yesterday and spotted a photo that would be excellent to try out some of these ideas. I was wandering around in the Bloor/St. George area, by Varsity stadium photographing some of my favourite buildings. One in particular has a beautiful arched door - Munk Centre for International Affairs:

 Digital art - ink and water colour effect on Monk Centre doorway

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St Clair/Yonge St fire aftermath – nothing but the wreckage

I went out yesterday to take a look at the aftermath of Tues' 6 alarm fire. The phrase “nothing but the wreckage” comes to mind when I look at the Club. But amazingly, there's not even a hint of smoke left in the area and it's pretty much back to business in the neigbourhood.

Some of the stores/restaurants along the north/west side of Yonge were closed. No damage was visible but according to some of the workers, the water damage was extensive. To put this into perspective, the Fire Department poured water from 7 aerial hoses, plus hoses strung along condo balconies for over 12 hours. Even after the fire was contained, the water kept coming for about another 12 hours. All through the night, we could hear the pumper trucks on the streets. View from balcony of fire fighters working into night @ Yonge St Clair fire

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Ohhh ... Photoshop paint-by-numbers - koi fish repost

Well, lost the original article in the move over to a new host company, but that's my oversite. Forgot to do a fresh backup that day. Here's a reconstruction... sort of.

I wondered what I was going to do with the photo I posted previously. The koi fish pond was enticing, but I struggled a bit with how to approach it. I started the same routine, basic outline, rough out the fish, apply paint effect and started to laugh - this struck me that I was doing an adult version of paint-by-numbers.

I stood back a bit and decided to go for it started to go a bit more freehand. The righthand fin, er fin on the right side of the middle fish was done without outlines as well as much of the pattern on the fish. I was trying for a more flowing look. Right idea, but the blending is heavy handed. The paint effect is far too thick.  I'm struggling with blending brushes. I've got the weekend off so I'll poke around with them, try to set up a new grouping. I need to change effects.  The fish should look like it's water coloured, not so slathered on acrylics. Maybe turn off buildup. Hmm ... 

I'm also doing less detail on the overall outline. I'm looking for a more flowing feel to the background. Here it is in all it's glory:

 Digital art - Koi fish

I was going to delete the work and start fresh but decided "warts 'n all" was needed. Not happy with it in general, but the mouth and whisker is spot on. Really pleased with the sense of depth.  That's part of a problem I've had for decades when it comes to drawing. Even using pencil and paper, I often can't remember how I get a certain effect - I just wing it. I don't think through steps or think about what I'm drawing. I just start and enjoy. So ... this weekend I'm sitting down with my notebook and making notes on each brush (especially blending) and the effects. That's the only way I'll remember what they do. 

Then again, if all else fails, I can start a career as an adult colouring book maker.


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