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Monday, December 18, 2017

Photographing clouds east on Dundas at the foot of Old City Hall

Padded around Old City Hall today, looking for interesting shots. Got some good contrasting images of old buildings and the shiny skyscrappers. This shot is one of the best of the day:

Photo of clouds reflected on side of skyscrapper near Old City hall in Toronto

This is on the north side of Dundas, standing at the front steps leading into Old City Hall. Looking east towards the Eaton's Centre and The Bay.  The sun and clouds were perfect for catching reflections and I took nearly 50 photos. Not all are worth keeping, but after scanning through them, I think there are about 8 or 9 worth working with.  I'll post them over the next few days as I finish sorting them out.

Guess what I found? ... oh and a random photo from my archives

HA! I found it! Found my missing Wacom tablet and am so relieved I didn't stupidly toss it out when I moved. Spent nearly a month moaning and complaining about losing it, only to find the tablet tucked into a side slot of a table. Why I put it there is a mystery, but there you have it. 

So, to celebrate finding the Wacom, I'm going to post ... an old photo from a vacation to the UK. Nothing to do with tablet art, sorry. Had to get a new laptop on the weekend, my venerable HP simply decided to stop cooperating. After 4 years of hard use, I suppose it deserved retirement. I've spent the last week tweaking and playing with the new computer and finally got around to setting up the Wacom the other day. Tested it in Photoshop but, that's as far as I've gotten because I'm too busy playing to actually work. Have to say, the dedicated Nvidia card really makes Photoshop sing.

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Frankensteining my way towards a full body - drawing eyes

Learned something valuable the other day. If you're going to take a close up of your own eye, make sure the flash is off. I get the type of migraines that are triggered by bright lights (especially flashes) and well, let's just say there was a bit of cursing when the flash went off, rapidly followed by the usual pain.  

I said in my last post, Still sulking, I needed to go back and examine eye structure closely. I wasn't happy with my output, so I lurked around all sorts of medical sights and Bing images for super quality close ups. I dabbled with them and then flipped over to a couple of Youtube channels for some help because I just couldn't get it right. I couldn't see what I was doing wrong. 

Here's the original sketch (posted on the previous article):

Scan of original drawing of human eye 

After watching videos I figured out I was too heavy handed. I didn't leave any wiggle room for darkening and shading. The eye lid was too high and should droop down over the eye a bit. I went back to the original drawing and tried correcting it:

 Scan of second drawing of human eye

Better, but no, not right. The shape of the eye is off. It droops unnaturally down and the eye is too perfect along the top.  I'm struggling with this aspect of drawing the eye. It's not easy getting the shape correct. As well, I was puzzled about how to approach the white part of the eye as it merges with the edges.  I started a new sketch, trying to pull together what I'd learned:

Sketch 3 of the human eye. Not much better

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Spring blossoms in Toronto

One nice thing about padding around the neighbourhood - there's never a lack of beauty.

Photo of blossoms on a tree April 2017 Yonge and St Clair area Toronto


Spring blossoms in Toronto. The colours oh my!

A few warm days and suddenly Toronto looks like a new city. Blossoms popping up all over.  Photo taken Apr 28 2017 at gates to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 

Photo of blossoms on a tree Toronto Spring 2017

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