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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Toronto street art - near OCAD

Wall art in Toronto

Artwork on the walls near OCAD, Toronto

One of my favourite stores here in Toronto is an art store near the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). It's Above Ground Art Supplies. Great place. I love wandering down there because of the funky wall art I run across when I'm walking around the area. But this one spooks me .. every frigging time I turn the corner and see it I jump ... every time:

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Cold evening in downtown Toronto - midnight blue at it's best

Heading home around 6 the other day and noticed the most amazing midnight blue sky. With all the light polution in the downtown Toronto area, the sky often has a muddy look. But something about that early evening turned the sky an intense blue.  I tried to capture a couple of pictures, but my little cell phone camera doesn't do good night shots. The photos came out better than I had hoped for.

With the exception of a bit of cropping, the photos are not retouched. The blue came out just about perfect - far better than I thought they would. I was standing outside the Hothouse Cafe on Front Street, just down from the Flat Iron building.

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Bugs and plants - photo of ants scurrying on peonies

I have a thing for bugs. I like looking over flowers, checking to see if anything interesting is lurking. They are a bugger (no pun intended) to photograph though. Can't tell you how many shots of bug bums I have, but let's just say, it's staring to look like a weird fetish.  This past summer I spent 2 days trying to get a good shot of ants scurrying around a peony plant. I'm sure this is a peony, if it isn't correct me please. Bugs I'm good with, plands I'm not so good with.  But, I eventually got what I think is the perfect shot:

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More wallpaper - skyline and concrete

I've discovered I have a real thing for industrial style backgrounds and photos.  Gears, concrete, rust - something about the textures appeal to me. Here's another background I've been playing with. 

A basic street scene laid over a photo of crumbling concrete. Can't remember where I took the photo of the concrete - down around Bloor and Spadina I think. Kind of cool effects:

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Haunting sunset over Toronto

I get some wonderful views from our balcony. One advantage of being 20 floors up with an unhindered view of the city. Every now and then, I look up and think "WOW". Last Sunday was one of those days. Here's what I saw:Sunset Toronto north view

I didn't retouch the photos although it looks like I tried to blend the golden sunset colours into the building lights. When I looked out over the city, it looked as if someone had brushed gold over it. Just one of those nifty moments in life that make you stop.

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