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Friday, July 28, 2017

Toronto - north skyline view with film grain effects

Toronto night scene facing North


Dug out my old Nikon Coolpix the other day and had some fun on the balcony. The little point and shoot camera does an admirable job with night shots. I pulled on my jacket and shivered in the cold taking numerous shots and then ran them through a couple of filters.  The photos themselves are good, but for some reason the camera always gives the dark sky an ethereal glow.

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Film grain effect - Adobe Photoshop

I take a lot of photos, many aren't worth keeping. They'll be slightly out of focus, not well composed or just boring. I'm not a patent photographer - I grab photos on the go and hope for the best.  Usually I just delete them.  Once in awhile, I'll look at a photo and think "what a shame I didn't take time to frame that better", or more likely simply focus the camera.  A potentially good photo ruined by impatience.  Then I fire up Photoshop and run it through a few filters to see what happens. 

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Burst mode fails to live up to expectations

bust mode photography

I was playing around with the Burst Mode on my smart phone. Burst allows you to take numerous photos rapidly. You can keep all of them or slide through the photos and pick the best one.

It's an okay feature, but they could have done much more with it. The ability to take numerous photos in rapid succession means something has to be sacrificed for speed. Image quality suffers dramatically.

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Toronto on a rainy afternoon - King & Yonge

Toronto - Yonge & King - Dec 09 2014

Toronto on a late Dec afternoon. King @ Yonge street around 4pm.

The photo was pretty mundane, but running it through Pencil Sketch App for 8.1 transformed it.

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Catching a moving target

Nokia Lumina photos

I like close up photography. I don't tend to do a lot of sweeping panoramas or landscapes. Something about the up close and personal view that tweaks my imagination.  Like all smart phones, my little Nokia has a Macro feature. Great for close ups. It does a pretty good job of capturing colour and detail. It can be a bit of a pain trying to get the focus, especially if you have any vision issues. I have difficulties seeing the screen clearly on bright days. and take a lot of random shots in the hopes of getting the perfect one. Can't tell you how may times I've deleted  blurry pictures.  The macro feature is easy to find, it's the little icon that looks like a tulip. It's the same on all cameras, a universal symbol. Once you set it, you are ready to roll.

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