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Friday, August 18, 2017

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With over 260 285 articles written and 12100+ 135,900 +views, it's time to launch phase two - looking for Patrons to support the magazine.

To keep up this level of work and improve quality, funding is needed. I'm looking for subscribers and donors to help with the dream. Any amount is deeply appreciated.

Choose either a one time donation using the Paypal button below or a monthly subscription via You choose the amount.  Don't forget to brag about your donations/subscription so I can post a thank you on this page.

See my Patreon page for details on becoming a category patron.

Writing is a passion, one that I'm taking to the next level, turning it into a full time occupation.  But I can't do that without support. At the moment, most of my time is spent hiking around the city making calls on customers. Your support means I can focus more on the website, delivering quality content. Yes, I am trying to make a living out of my writing now. My ultimate goal is to have Bitter Grounds Magazine be my primary focus. 

Why support Bitter Grounds? If you enjoy the content & want to see the magazine expand, your help is essential.

Patrons mean:
- fewer ads. Face it, we all dislike them. Patrons = a cleaner site
- allows me to concentrate full time on improving Bitter Grounds
- more articles delivered on a schedule. Right now, articles are written between customer appointments.
- eventually I'll be offering promotions & contests for subscribers & donors. Not sure what form yet, this is an area that can be explored when I have stable funding
- Monthly subscribers can sponsor a category if they choose. You will be acknowledged on the website.
- currently talking to someone to expand the tech section to include game reviews

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Your financial help = more content.

See my Patron's page for details on subscriptions & one time donations

Why support Bitter Grounds? If you enjoy the content & want to see the magazine expand, your help is essential



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