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Sunday, January 21, 2018



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Sept 05 2017

Tidying up a few loose ends here and there. Cleaned up the sidebar clutter that had been driving me over the edge everytime I looked at the page. Also rewrote the About section - brevity is our friend this month. Filtered out all the noise and posted the essential bits and pieces.

In the process of creating a small "follow me" page to show the various ways to follow Bitter Grounds. I've been busy behind the scenes setting up and clarifying the various methods. Everything began to grow more rapidly than anticipated so I needed to pull back and sort through thevarious methods that actually work.

Will be rewriting the Support page over the next day or two. Needs tidying as well.

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Bitter Grounds Magazine is the latest incarnation of a long line of blogs/magazines I've kept since the early days of the public Internet. My first magazine, written specifically for Netscape (the first) had a grey background, no formating and a lot energy. The undiscovered frontier! Over the decades, the content has evolved from simple personal ramblings and an incoherent jumble to Bitter Grounds. Less a blog and more a magazine showing various interests that include photography, art and stamps and not so much frenetic energy.

Over time, ideas coalesed about what I wanted to do with the website. I wanted to move away from a generic one size fits all blog. I took a year off writing and redesigned the site and changed it to a magazine format. Gone was the dated name Catpaw's Blog. New name, better categories. My interests centred around typography, design, art, photography and tech. Also gone was the politics. I'm still a very polticial creature but began to find writing about politics a chore and began dreading it. We're swamped with politically laced news, Bitter Grounds was to be an oasis of non political content.

YOU WILL FIND TYPOS AND ERRORS! <-- I'm doing all the writing and editing. Occassionally I get caught on the fly doing some writing and don't do a thorough job of catching errors. Occassionally I'll drop a real clanger, so if you spot one, drop me a line in the comments section.

THERE WILL BE DOWNTIMES - not as often as before. Having specific categories has helped me focus on writing. Until Bitter Grounds starts generating income on a regular basis, I still need to work my other job. If I hit a very busy patch, there isn't a lot of time to write. If you'd like to support Bitter Grounds you can donate via either Patreon or Paypal (links on the side). All donations are appreciated.

Why Catpaw? My online name dates back to the bulletin board days when everyone used handles, not real names. When I slid over from BBS to the web, I simply kept Catpaw because it was expedient. Now I keep the name out of nostalgia. I played with using a different name (or even my real name) but couldn't bring myself to do it.   


The cat in the image

The cat in the postage stamp was called Cat. Yes, his name really was Cat. Seriously, why waste a perfectly good name on a creature that won’t listen to you to start with. He lived for 19 years happily demanding we pay homage to his greatness. He was a weird little tabby who could carry a grudge for years. He’s still missed greatly.




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