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Friday, August 18, 2017

As promised last week, here's the first chapter of my serial - "Dear Donna: emails from an increasingly desperate cat sitter".

I came up with the idea while catsitting a rather polite tuxedo cat named Isobella. She has a habit of grabbing a mouthful of food and dropping it on the rug, rushing into the living room for pats and scurrying back to nibble off the rug. I sat back one evening watching her and wondered what was really going on in that furry brain. I've long suspected cats are just playing with us for sport. And so "Dear Donna" was born - a series of emails between a cat owner on vacation and the cat sitter trying to come to grips with the resident cat.

Not many characters - Donna the cat owner who's gone on vacation, Isobel (or Izzy for short) tuxedo cat & prime suspect, Susan, the cat sitter who sends the emails to Donna.  I'll be posting chapters as I finish editing them.

You can download a pdf copy to read later if you prefer. It's much easier to read that way. Click the icon, bottom right on the document. You'll be given a chance to save a copy.

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