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Friday, March 23, 2018

I went to buy a glue stick today. One glue stick. 1 ... just a single item. This is what I was offered:

Photo of boxes of gluesticks

And this:


Finally way up ... at the top ... there they are:

Photo of single gluesticks for sale way up at the top, beyond reach

And yes, of course they were at the top, out of reach. Figures. %$#&! and no staff to be seen. If I'm in a grocery store, I trot over to the brooms and mops and borrow one to knock the stuff off the shelf. Got yelled at by a staff member once for doing this. Let's just say the verbal exchange didn't go well for the store and I still use this method. But stuff like glue sticks are hung on hooks with curves so you can't do the whack-a-mole method. I had to demonstrate my jump and grab technique instead, and hope I could scoop one. I tell you, if there's ever an Olympic event called "retrieve shit from the top shelf with no external aid" I'll be solid gold.  

Oh and yes, I did get my gluestick. 

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Catpaw with a pint & a typical bad haircutTime for a new look - the venerable cat on a postage stamp is now retired. As much as I loved him, it was time for a face lift - bad haircut & all. 

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