I would love to sit down in a coffee shop or cafe ONCE, just ONCE and not be assaulted by the overwhelming stench of perfume. Do people bath in the crap? If you  sit down and people two tables over keel over from  the fumes wafting off you  - YOU HAVE TO FUCKING MUCH PERFUME ON.

Ever been in an elevator and have to cover your nose because the man or woman who just got on is wearing so much perfume or cologne you can see the fumes roll off of them?


Ever sit down for a cup of coffee and had to leave because of the overwhelming smell drifting from the two women who sat down near you?  Or stand in a line and the man in front of you has so much cologne you back up and change places with the person behind you?

Ever use a dryer after someone has used those vile, hideous Downy Scent Beads? Yea, it's a lot of fun rewashing your clothes isn't it? Nothing like the smell of excessive chemicals to stir up the ole migraines. If I owned a laundry room, I'd ban them outright.

Ever gone home, vomitting from an extreme migraine triggered by the swarm of a perfume offensive? Great way to spend a day - lieing in bed, puking and dealing with a pain in your head so severe you wish you could just end it. 

People who bath in perfume (hint: perfume is NOT a substitute for showering) don't seem to know or care how their perfumes trigger off mind numbing migraines in many of us.  Or asthma attacks in others.  My god people, when you use perfume, it's supposed to be alluring, a teaser. It's not meant to club people over the head.


End Rant ... it's safe to come out now.