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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Family Research Council lives in an alternate reality

 Yesterday was Columbus Day in the US,  a day of parades, protests and that ever popular pastime - watching wingnuts from the right leap on their soap boxes proclaiming JESUS will save us all. The fundamentalist disconnect in the US is staggering. The American Taliban aka The Family Research Council, seems to think slaughtering natives, in the name of Jesus, was a righteous occurance.

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Bread, Circuses and the Ford Brothers

Rob Ford is out of the race for mayor of Toronto; Doug Ford is in. Different names, same circus.

Doug bangs on about carrying on the "Ford Legacy", pretending the family is somehow exceptional. The Ford family labours under the delusion  they are the Kennedy's of Canada and somehow their repackaged Tea Party North politics are original policies.  It's just more of the same - a couple of silver spoon babies with a huge sense of entitlement. They haven't earned anything, let alone the adoration of the Ford Nation drones.

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Advertising fail - Nabob

Dear Nabob,

Your current ad campaign "Respect the Bean" is incredibly arrogant. No, seriously, it is. How about running a commercial titled "Respect the Customer".

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Ah those old fashioned, misogynistic family values

It's staggering how many people think a woman who has sex is somehow "tainted" or a slut.  Somehow women being human offends their paternalistic little brains. We are all supposed to stay cloistered and pure at home until some man deigns to marry us.  This joker is a classic example:

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