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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Who makes TIFF possible

Guess what time it is? Yes indeed folks, it's TIFF TIME. For those who live in a cave, TIFF is the Toronto International Film Festival. Wall to wall films. Anyone so inclined can start watching at 9 in the morning and not come up for air until after the Midnight Madness show ends. My personal record is 5 films in one day. A wee bit too much, I don't think I was coherent by the end of the day. I'll only be seeing 2 this year, sometimes life conspires to put a cramp in fun.

Toronto turns into red carpet land and people hang out star spotting, flitting (or running a marathon, depending on how well thought out your schedule is) from theatre to theatre. On my way home from a film this afternoon I stopped and took a picture of my all time favourite tiff people:

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Well, at least 27,000 jackasses can be accounted for

We have definitive proof there are at least 27,000 vicious, uneducated, turd polishers in the world. In the wake of the second beheading by fundamentalist Islamic fanatics (yea, yea tautology, I know), Twitter saw 27,000 accounts set up supporting IS. Yup, there are at least that many knuckle draggers who want to live in the dark ages willing to brag about it publicly.

Granted, many of those accounts are duplicates. As fast as they are shut down, they pop back up. But, it still represents a lot of people openly supporting an uneducated, vicious group with no respect for life. Such narrow minded bigotry is staggering.

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And for every jackass, there is someone fighting them:


Another dumb shit who with a gun

This is why some people shouldn't own a gun, let alone be within 100 yards of one:

"Jacob Travis McDaniel, 20, of Noblesville was charged with reckless homicide and pointing a firearm" <--This dumb as a sack of hammers idiot "thought" his gun was unloaded, took it off safety and pulled the trigger. You know what happened next, right? A 16 year old girl was shot through the chest and died.  How many times have we read about this in the last year?  I've lost count. 





Ponderings on a hot summer day

At last, a hot day. We certainly aren't setting any records for warmth this summer here in Toronto. On the contrary, it's been down right damp and cold. A curious year all around. The upside to this is for a change, Toronto hasn't been sweltering under a cover of humidity and smog, like past summers. I don't do well in the humidity. Yesterday (and today) was the first heat alert of the summer, and summer is rapidly winding down.  It's supposed to end tonight, with the temperatures dropping to close to 16c overnight. I knew, the moment I broke down bought new short sleeved work shirts, I doomed everyone to a cool summer. Apologies to everyone.

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