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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Look potatoes! I actually grew potatoes on my balcony!

Look! My potato plant actually produced - a hell of a lot better than anything else I planted last spring. Looks llike a bit of benign neglect pays off. Photo of the potatoes that grew on my balcony

I'd forgotten about them this week. I was so busy, and the balcony has been so cold, I didn't wandered out much. Well, mom was pottering around out there and shouted for me to come look. Lo and behold, POTATOES. I confess, you almost need a microscope to see some of them, but who knew one little potato would sprout so many?

Okay, don't rain on my parade. I know they aren't very big, but I didn't expect anything to grow. Plus we didn't put them in until sometime in June. I have this childish thrill about having grown them on a balcony, in the middle of Toronto, 20 floors up. Not a bad little crop. 

... screw growing anything else. I'm going to plant a bushel full of potatoes next spring.

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All hail our Ant Overlords ... or maybe Cat Overlords

Had the scare of my life this morning. I drifted off to sleep watching a Youtube video last night. About 3 am, I was jolted awake by soul curdling screams ….ever see the Japanese film Ringu? No, not the American remake, the original scary as shit you’re going to die a horrible lonely death movie? Yea, that one. I had one of those moments. Youtube kept chugging through videos, all of which I blissfully slept through, until the screaming wretched me back to life. By the way, never fall asleep with earbuds in, they have a habit of magnifying the screams. I looked up and saw one of those Ringu style screen flickerings and creeping ghouls and …. Well let’s just say I really, really need to stop watching monster movies. It took close to a full minute before I realised what was going on. Bit of a heart stopper moment.

Serves me right, I spent most of yesterday writing, with 50s and 60s B monster movies playing in the background. I do my best work when I can look up and see aliens and monsters ravishing earth. I plowed through some of the best monster movies yesterday, including one of my favourites – Quatermass and the Pit – the original 1958 BBC tv series, which is AWESOME …. London being taken over by humans controlled by long dead Alien Ant Overlords. You can’t get better than that, now can you? Every time I think of earth being taken over by bug overlords, I break out into a mass of giggles – can’t do worse than what’s happening now. As well,  I had stopped in to see a customer yesterday and we joked about obeying our Cat Overlords … in retrospect, there was a theme to the day and it isn’t surprising I was scared pissless with a Ringu moment.

Still from Quatermass and the Pit - courtesy BBC

So here I sit, in a bright café window, pondering whether I’d like the world taken over by Cat Overlords or Ant Overlords. Ants would be too focused on work and organisation. They might work us to death, in the name of conformity and efficiency. Cats would create a world of luxury and indulgence. But  … big drawback ... we’d be worked to death supplying them with their luxuries and indulgences. Just my luck I’d be assigned to litter box duty. But cats purr … all they’d have to do is start a deep, hypnotic purr and humanity would bow down and do their bidding.

… if cats ever rise up, we’re screwed, you know that, don’t you.


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Call me when they manage to create real mutant ants

Someone posted this Toronto Star article on their Facebook page today:

Headline from Toronto Star Sept 7 2016 abt giant ants

Many were a bit freaked out by it but I thought "phhttt call me when they manage to do this":

Image still of mutant ant from movie Them 1954 Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc

Yup ... spent far too much of my childhood watching awesomely paranoid B monster movies.

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A beetle, some Black Bear espresso & everything is right with the world

Woke up this morning knowing everything would be ok with the world today.  I have my beloved Black Bear beans back. Whoa ... aliteration before a second espresso! I experimented with another brand of espresso and well ... I'm a creature of habit.  The other espresso was good, but lacked the boldness and low acidity of my favourite bean. I love Muskoka Roastery.  I should hit the company up for a sponsorship ... I could babble all day about their beans. If they ship me a case of Black Bear I'd dedicate Memoirs to them.

Product label from Muskoka RoasteryThat's their label up there. For awhile I couldn't find it in any stores and was forced to try different brands. Just not the same. I almost did a happy dance when I spotted it back on the shelf yesterday.

AND a bonus day on top of having my Black Bear back, I found this sauntering along the livingroom floor:

Photo of a beetle wandering around my apartmentLovely, isn't he? I may be a complete and utter coward when it comes to spiders, but I have no fear when it comes to the rest of the bug kingdom. And he is gorgeous. Photo isn't that great, but you can see some of his colouring. He even has a little fuzzy butt. The white hairs stick out a bit, which amazed me. I didn't know beetles could have hairy bottoms.  Unfortunately, I suspect he's the one who's been munching on my morning glory, making it look like a wholey mess.

For the record, he's a Japanese beetle.  I'll have to do a bit of research and figure out a way to send them off to join the aphids.  Given the aphid devastation my plants endured, I'll take a wild guess and say Japanese beetles have zero interest in eating them. Why couldn't I attract lady bugs?



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