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Monday, March 19, 2018

It was a brilliant idea - now if only I could remember what it was

This Post-it has been stuck to my desk for months:

 Post-it note with the word "epiphany" written on it

The first part is easy - it's a site I wanted to look up. Not a clue what the epiphany moment was. I remember thinking "THAT'S BRILLIANT" (with multiple exclamation points required) and then the second thought was a fatal "Oh I'll remember this". I keep it on my desk in the vain hope I'll actually remember what the earth shattering idea was. It's really bugging the shit out of me. I'm at that awkward age where I keep pretending my memory is as elastic as it was at 18. If it was, I wouldn't have 6 notepads half started with scribbled little notes. And yes, I do have 6 notepads on the go. I keep leaving them all over the city and have to start a new one when I can't find the old one. When I retrieve the misplaced notepad, usually a friend or customer sends me a note about it, I put it in the pile until it's rotation comes back up.  

Was I going to change the world? Would it lead to enlightenment? Or maybe it was the perfect espresso ratio? Whatever it was, it's lost for ever.

I have a plan involving a map, a Presto Card & a camera

I have a plan and it centres around this map:

A map showing all 140 neigbhourhoods in TorontoThat is a map of Toronto neighbourhoods – some indistinguishable from others, many unique. I’m going to hop on and off the TTC (public transit here in Toronto) with my mighty Presto Card pass and photograph each neighbour. Toronto changes rapidly, buildings that are here to day may be gone next time you walk by. But it’s more than the structures – the streets in each neighbourhood are unique and I want to document them.

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Don't think this will work - a little midweek humour

I love snickering reading organisational help pages. The information is so out of touch with the way I cheerfully function: 

Photo from organisation help page suggesting people throw out all mismatched dishes etc. My response is "there will be nothing left in my kitchen"


Do I see mammoth burgers buried under that ice?

I needed  tea on Sunday and zipped over to the local Sobey’s to grab a box or two.  Don’t go there often for a variety of reasons, but they’re the only ones in the area that carry the tea I like, so needs must. While whipping down the aisle to the tea section,  I spotted this: Photo of malfunctioning freezer unit with ice buildup

I had this irrational desire to knock on the freezer door and ask if Philip J Fry was there. Oh come on, admit it, there's never an inappropriate time for a Futurama reference.  It wasn't just one freezer unit with serious issues in that store. Freezers in the front and the back look like this. After poking the packages I figured out they weren't cryogenics units but the frozen tundra.  

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Dear Business Insider - can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Not sure what the Business Insider editors are smoking, but they need to lay off when it comes to fact checking time.

Photo of a pot plant on flag under headlines dealing with Canadian Interest rates

Hint:  This is not the Canadian flag.


Original article here 

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Catpaw with a pint & a typical bad haircutTime for a new look - the venerable cat on a postage stamp is now retired. As much as I loved him, it was time for a face lift - bad haircut & all. 

"The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself."

- Albert Camus

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