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Sunday, April 22, 2018

First selfiestick encounter - fads that should die

Well, I had my first selfie stick encounter today. Selfie sticks are one of those things I read about with wry amusement and slight disbelief. It's one of those wtf items that are a bit mystifying. I was walking down near St. Lawrence Market just after lunch and stopped to watch this woman walking towards me. I couldn't figure out if she was trying to commit suicide by walking into traffic or falling headlong onto the concrete. She held this idiotic (yes dears, you do look rather stupid), sticks in front of her as she walked. She was so absorbed in what she was doing, she was oblivious to everything around her ... including street curbs, crumbly sidewalks and people minding their own business.

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CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW - telecom dealings

My friends will laugh at this entry – they are all too used to my insane rants about dealing with telecoms here in Canada – especially Rogers (often referred to as “The Company that shall remain unnamed”). I spend an increasing amount of time helping customers deal with telecom problems. Most of which should be resolved with a quick phone call. It never works that way. I find myself on the phone endlessly asking for explanations about billing errors, service interruptions, better rates, why new customers get discounted packages but a customer of 15 years pays substantially more or answers as to why a simple job suddenly ballooned into epic disasters. It’s never simple. The more services they add on, the worse it’s become.

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Rethinking basic webdesign

Ok, I’ve been taking a course on web design, down at George Brown College. Found myself re-evaluating the overall design of this site and how I approach webpages. Yes, I do some web design, but found myself on a plateau. I needed a new approach and to update my knowledge – things are never static on the internet. So, I signed up for the starter course. Although I was already up on the basics, the course was an eye opener. The approach to setting up a site pretty much streamlined my thinking.

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Meandering through an afternoon at the Istanbul Café

Sitting in Istanbul café on Eglinton, east of Yonge today, mulling over things. Good day to do that, the internet is down here so, no distractions. First thought that has wandered across my tired brain is “wow… this really is abt the best latte I’ve had in a long time”. No seriously, it’s outstanding! Oh Istanbul, where have you been all my life. I’m in the area running errands between appointments and decided if I don’t get caffeine soon, someone will have to put me on life support. Glad I did. Will come back more often.

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Ruminations on a chilly spring day

I'm sitting downtown Toronto, waiting on my nightclass. I leave hideously early now, hours before I need to be here. You can thank the TTC for that. I've been trapped underground or caught out on the other side of the city far too often. And quite frankly, I don't like the thoughts of having to shuttle bus it downtown ever again. Ever been on a rush hour shuttle bus? A sardine tin would be far more pleasant.  Think "only when hell freezes over".  

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Catpaw with a pint & a typical bad haircutTime for a new look - the venerable cat on a postage stamp is now retired. As much as I loved him, it was time for a face lift - bad haircut & all. 

"The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself."

- Albert Camus

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