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Monday, March 19, 2018

Flipboard joins Bitter Grounds

I've added a new category (look up... way up ...) to my Flipboard site. It's an aggregate of interesting bits 'n pieces from around the internet.  I've been trying to get a nifty cover to appear on the side bar, but it just won't cooperate, and I'm too lazy to figure it out.

It's supposed to look like this:

View my Flipboard Magazine.


But ... alas ... I'm incurably lazy at the moment so you get a dinky little link at the top of the page instead. Flipboard satisfies that urge to push news and info at my readers without the pesky problem of applying effort. One day, in the not too distant future, you'll get the funky cover on the side bar, but until then ... Look up ... to the right... one click and you can poke about in my brain. __ Oh ... fixed it! Look over here --------->>>

Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes - National Film Board

I grew up on National Film Board movies (NFB, they were a school staple). The first one I saw was Bill Mason's Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes I must have been 10 yrs old when the teacher wheeled the big projector into the classroom and setup the film.

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Not everyone got this

Spotted this on Twitter earlier in the week.  Left some puzzled, had the rest of us snickering.

When fonts attack



Rant alert: It's one smelly world out there

I would love to sit down in a coffee shop or cafe ONCE, just ONCE and not be assaulted by the overwhelming stench of perfume. Do people bath in the crap? If you  sit down and people two tables over keel over from  the fumes wafting off you  - YOU HAVE TO FUCKING MUCH PERFUME ON.

Ever been in an elevator and have to cover your nose because the man or woman who just got on is wearing so much perfume or cologne you can see the fumes roll off of them?

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Catpaw with a pint & a typical bad haircutTime for a new look - the venerable cat on a postage stamp is now retired. As much as I loved him, it was time for a face lift - bad haircut & all. 

"The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself."

- Albert Camus

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