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Friday, March 23, 2018

I look at photos of steam venting out of utility grates and feel envious of the photographer - right place at the right time. Oh and they happen to have their camera with them. Yesterday I had my chance. 

Photo of steam rising out of utility cover on Victoria St Toronto

It was a morning of running a couple of errands so I'm not really sure why I tossed my camera into my bag, but I'm happy I did. Love the above scene, I just caught the streetcar coming up through the mist. I took a few photos but the one above and the next one were keepers. 

I wanted to highlight the billowing mist so I tried a bit of black and white magic.

Black and white photo of Victoria st and steam rising

 Not sure which I prefer. Maybe neither - each has something to offer, each emphasizing different aspects.  

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