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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pedometer Master mainscreen App Review   -  Pedometer Master (Run Master)  ---   ☕☕☕ /☕☕☕☕☕
 Win 10 / Windows phone

 This app is maddening. It has all the features I wanted in a pedometer, is fun to use and has many features that make it a truly stellar app. I use it to track my route while I’m going about service calls. I was looking for a simple pedometer that would let me save maps and see how far I traveled and Pedometer Master fit my needs. However:  1 serious issue turns this from a stellar app to a mediocre one.

First the good:

For those of use interested in tracking our path on a map, it’s spot on. The geo-mapping works very well. Remember those old Family Circus strips that showed Little Billies’ circuitous route around the neighbourhood? That’s the way any of my maps look.  Hither and yon but never in a straight line.

Pedometer mapIt’s pretty good at counting steps. I’m not obsessed with calorie counting etc. so I tend to gloss over that feature. I cast a fishy eye in it’s direction occasionally. If you forget to pause it and climb onto a streetcar it plays havoc with the details. Little issues like that tend to screw up calorie counting and mileage. It’s not a flaw in the software, it simply isn’t designed to compensate for people with bad memories – pause is your friend.

It tracks your course duration, distance (in miles only. Kilometres would be a great add on), average speed (hop a streetcar and have fun with this part), stride length are geared towards someone doing a real work out. Nevertheless, it’s an accurate tool for someone who wants to simply keep track of their daily movements.

It also has a Media Player built in so you can create playlists and a Facebook update link, if you are so inclined to tell all your friends about your run.

When you are finished, you can save your workout and call it up anytime you want. That’s an excellent feature for serious walkers/runners. I’m just a dabbler with a running phobia so I just use it as a mileage counter and map.

Which brings me to the bad:

Pedometer Master has a serious flaw that makes it infuriating – the save feature. It’s wonky at times and badly placed. There is no small “SAVE” button on the Walk/Run Panel. You can pause or start, but not save from there. Although it’s a logical place to do this, it’s absent. This is where the program pisses me off. To save, you have to hit <- or return on your smart phone and exit to the Pedometer Master’s main screen. Once you do that the option to save your course screen SHOULD pop up automatically.  I’ve had the app for 2 months now and manage to save 2 out of every 10 trips. Either I tap the <- a smidgeon to long and the program thinks I want to completely exit, or the program pops me to the main screen with no save option allowed. It’s tricky because you aren’t given any warnings. If you try to do anything before saving, you lose your course. 

I’ll revisit the app in a few months to see if the app has improved. In the meantime, I’ll still use it. It was worth the couple of bucks I threw at it. I have fun watching my course throughout the day.  Get it, have fun, but don’t rely on the save feature.  Pedometer Master App for Win 10

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