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Monday, March 19, 2018

Windows 10 Starbucks App screen - courtesy Starbucks CorporationStarbucks Mobile payment app for Windows 10 Phone Download from Windows Store

Works with Win10 phones. Also available on Android and iPhone platforms ☕☕☕☕ /☕☕☕☕☕

Windows mobile users are used to being ignored or palmed off with substandard light versions of apps developed for other platforms. But things have begun to improve out there with a gradual trickle of apps that have long been standards on the ubiquitous iPhone and Android. After months of promising a mobile pay app for Win10 phones, Starbucks finally released one last month.

It has most of the expected features and missing one crucial one. First the good: it works. I know, I know, my expectations have dropped shockingly low lately in the app department. But seriously, it does – flawlessly. It’s also very fast to pay with. I was a bit surprised at how seamless using the app proved to be. Pull out your phone, tap the app, tap pay, scan and off you go. No fuss, no hassles.

You can top up your balance directly from the app or use a browser. If you use a credit card, just tap the reload button on the app itself, choose the amount and the payment is processed immediately. You can also use the “reload automatically” option if you add a credit card to the app. If you don’t like the idea of attaching a credit card to your account, you can log into via a browser which allows you to use Paypal instead. Unfortunately, the Paypal option is missing from the in- app payment options. Here’s a tip: if you decide to top up using your browser, wait until you get home or to a secure network. Don’t use an open network.

You can track your rewards, your purchase history, find the nearest store and send gift cards directly from the app. All pretty handy.

Now the bad: Starbucks left off an important feature – the ability to pre-order, pay ahead and pickup. So Windows users will still have a mild case of app envy until Starbucks gets around to fixing that issue.

But all in all, it’s a sound app. Refilling is as easy as tapping a few buttons, it’s very fast in processing payments and it has a clean, simple interface. No guess work needed to figure out how to use it. Logging into an existing account was a snap (once I remembered my password that is). You can also manage any Starbucks cards you have and move the balance from one to another using the app itself. This is going to be handy. Customers occasionally give me Starbucks cards as thankyou gifts (yes my espresso addiction is well known) so I can simply tap Add Starbucks Card and then transfer the balance to my primary card directly from the secure app. Nice little bonus.

So if Starbucks fixes the lack of pre-order, they’ll get a rare 5 out of 5 espresso cups review. Until then, they get 4/5.


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