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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Facebook doesn't load on Chrome Browser - SOLVED

Just helped a customer with an irritating issue. Her Facebook page wouldn't load in Chrome.  The page starts to load and then stops and shows a blank page.  It's a sticky issue because there are so many possible fixes, many which don't work.  The quick and dirty solution is to simply reset your browser settings.  

Open Chrome, click on Customise and control Chrome(Top right corner) and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click Show Advanced Options.  Scroll to bottom and click Reset Settings.  It usually fixes the issue.

The slower solution is to go to Extensions, disable all of them and close your browser. Surf to Facebook and see if it loads. If it does, enable one extension, restart the browser and go back to Facebook. Repeat for each extension.  When the issue reappears, the last extension is the culprit. Just go back and uninstall it. However, it's faster, easier to reset.   You can re add any extension you need.   


WUAUSERV - Windows Update Service won’t stop - Solved

I’ve been plagued with an irritating issue over the past few weeks.  Windows 10 store wouldn’t download / install new apps or updates. Deleting the updates, rebooting didn’t do a bit of good. 

In the past all it took was to fire up CMD in Admin and type in the following commands:

net stop wuauserv

cd %systemroot%

ren SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

net start wuauserv

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Win 10 app review - Twitter for windows

Win 10 Twitter App - /

Twitter seems to think Windows users either don't use their service or they aren't interested in anything other than their own feed.  Bit of a shame, but this isn't a terribly functional app.  If you follow any hashtags, this isn't the app to use. It only allows one feed at a time. If you want to follow, say #Toronto, then you have to click Search and do a fresh search each time. Real pain in the ass because this isn't the way most people use Twitter. 

There really isn't much more to say about the app. It's one column at a time/one stream at a time. Barely functional. Take a pass on this app and use the browser version of Tweetdeck instead. 

Rogers wireless home phone - call forward

Helped a customer setup his shiny new Rogers home wireless phone. It works shockingly well.  The only trick is to make sure it has a clear line of site to a window for best reception. For $10 a month home phone, it's a hell of a deal.  

However.. oh you knew there would be a "but" didn't you....

It took an epic support call with Rogers just to set up call forwarding. You'd think it would be easy ... punch in a few numbers but nope... I was on the line with Rogers from 12:34pm to 1:57pm. Rogers kept giving all these instructions to set it up which didn't work... that was after being transfered 3 times by tech support because NO DEPARTMENT WANTED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WIRELESS HOME SUPPORT <-- Rogers please note the shouting. You think I was irritated? Good thing you couldn't hear my customer, poor sod.  He gave up in utter dispair. After much tooing and froing with Rogers, we finally found the correct numbers to punch in. Here they are:


*21*yourphonenumber# <-- note the ** and the #. It's important you use the # at the end or you'll never get it work. To stop the service punch in #21# <-- # on both sides. That's it. You'd think Rogers would have that written down on a piece of paper somewhere....

Win 10 Critical Error - start menu stops working

A random and very irritating error periodicaly crops up with Win 10. Sometimes you log in you are greeted with  - Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in. When you log out and back in, it should automatically fix itself.

HOWEVER ... it doesn't always work.

I've gone through about 5 seperate fixes, including an incredibly complated one that did bugger all. I did stumble across a fix that seems to work every time.  Click on Sign Out -> bottom right click on Shut Down icon. DON'T SHUT DOWN but do a REBOOT. Shut down won't fix the problem, but a reboot clears it up every time I tried. Before banging your head on the keyboard, give it a try.

Win 10 Mail - Turn off conversations

If you're like me, you loathed Windows 10 Mail conversations view.  When 10 originally came out, there was no choice, we were all forced to use it. It's one of those features that quickly got under the skin and there were a lot of complaints about it. Well, good news! If you have been keeping your system up to date and patched, then you can now turn it off.

Click on the small gear at the bottom left of the screen.

A window will slide out on the right-> click OPTIONS -> VIEW SETTINGS -> SHOW MESSAGES BY CONVERSATION and push the slider to OFF.

That's it. Job done. 

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