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Saturday, March 17, 2018

OneDrive updates - now with PIN numbers

add pinThe newest feature (for smart phones apps only, not Surface of laptops) adds a layer of security to Microsoft's cloud storage.

You can go to Settings and add a 4 digit pin that prevents anyone using your smartphone from accessing your storage and accidently (or deliberately) deleting your files and photos.

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Tech news roundup - OneDrive pins, iOS updates and more

OneDrive adds pin numbers to their app

Well, this is cool. Microsoft will be adding a new feature to their OneDrive app for smart phones. The newest update will allow users to set a pin number access to their account. This means if someone else uses your phone, they will still need a 4 digit pin to access your cloud account.   Without the pin, no one can delete anything from your OneDrive. Nice.

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Games for Windows phones - Triomino

I'm always on the look out for a game that doesn't completely frustrate me, but still offers a challenge. I hate games with little clocks that tick away, or worse make a noise to warn you time is running out. It ups the blood pressure and takes away the fun. I'm the type of player that likes to think about my next move and plot things out.   I've tried some of the popular games like Wordament (great game, the distracting ticking at the end pisses me off), Word with Friends (another great game - only if you get someone on the other end who isn't completely clueless or flaky) and many others. I play for awhile and then tear them out. I finally found one that is absorbing and fun - Triomino

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Microsoft's OneDrive has a recycle bin - who knew!

I've been using OneDrive for quite a while now (dating back to when it was called SkyDrive) and just finally realised, it has a recycle bin. If you log into your OneDrive Account (using a browser), on the left hand side is "recycle bin", tucked under how much space you have available.  Never realised it until, well, 5 min ago when I went in to do a bit of file purging. I was curious about how much space I had left and then spotted the garbage bin. I'm embarrased to admit there were 2305 items in the bin dating back to last spring. Not sure how much space it's been sucking up, but, it will be substantial.  So, here's your tip of the day - before investing in more cloud storage, check to see if there's a trash bin waiting for you.


.... we'll just file this under "Blazingly obvious cloud features".

Microsoft Office for Android and IOS tablets

Microsoft's Office offering for iPhones and iPads has exceeded 80 million downloads to date. That doesn't mean everyone who downloaded the app kept it, but it does indicate a huge customer base using the IOS system.   MS preview version (a fancy schmancy way of saying "let's test this out and see if the public likes us after they try it") for Android was greeted with very positive feedback and at the end of January, they  took the training wheels off  making it a  full blown Office for Android - no more preview. You can go to the app store or google store and download a version to test drive it before committing yourself.  Each copy of Office comes with substantial OneDrive cloud space so you can synch your files with your home or office computer.

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Photo resizing for Surface - Fotor


Windows 8.1's built in photo editing app allows the user to straighten, colour correct, fix red eye, add funky effects, crop, and improve much more. All in all, it's incredibly useful. One thing it doesn't do is resize - not crop, but resize a photo. If you are working on the road, and want to throw up a few photos onto your blog, or email them, you are stuck with struggling with high rez photos that are too large and unwieldy.

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