Canadian Editorial Cartoonists

Canadian Editorial Cartoonists

Canada Post’s Legendary Editorial Cartoonists is a magical look at some of the best editorial cartoonists Canada has to offer. Editorial cartoons are a strange breed of commentary. Not only does the artist have to excel in creating instantly recognisable messages in one frame, they need to be tuned into the historical, political and cultural conscience of the country. The five artists picked by Canada Post have created images that tap deep into the Canadian identity. 

Designer Réjean Myette of the Fugazi group designed the set that includes stamps, FDCs and cancels. By using each artists most memorable cartoon, Myette has created one of the best stamp sets of the year. 

2021 Canadian stamps Serge Chapleau stamp2021 Canadian stamps Brian Gable stamp 2021 Canadian stamps Terry Mosher stamp

2021 Canadian stamps2021 Canadian stamps Duncan Macpherson stamp Bruce Mackinnon stamp

In order the artists are:

  • Serge Chapleau – Chapleau created some of the best political cartoons expressing the tensions between Anglo & Quebecois cultures. He drew over 7,000 cartoons, won 8 National Newspaper Awards and is a Member of the Order of Canada (2015). 

  • Brian Gable – Has won 7 National Newspaper Awards for his editorial cartoons and became a Member of the Order of Canada in 2018. His Canadian flag waving beaver, beer in hand, has become one of the most loved cartoons portraying the average Canadian.
  • Terry Mosher – Under the pen name Aislin, Mosher created about 14,000 cartoons. The Russian Bear vs Canadian Beaver hockey stamp, is considered  an iconic images of the Canada vs USSR hockey matchups in 1972 (which will be celebrated with a stamp next year). Mosher has also written/contributed to 51 books, including one celebrating Duncan Macpherson. Winner of 2 National Newspaper Awards plus gold National Magazine Award and a member of the Canadian Cartoonist’s Hall of Fame, Mosher was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2003.
  • Duncan Macpherson – Macpherson described himself as a “heckler”, which was reflected in his style. 6 time winner of the National Newspaper Awards, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts medal winner, member of the News Hall of Fame (1976) and Order of Canada( 1987), Macpherson’s often biting political editorials stung more than one Federal politician. 
  • Bruce MacKinnon – Winner of 6 National Newspaper Awards, the 2014 World Press Freedom Award, the 2017 Townsie Award and Member of the Order of Canada (2016).  His sharp and poignant editorial cartoons reflect a deep concern for the often forgotten or under threat people of the world. His work reflects a global concern, not just a Canadian one. His Lady Justice, produced after Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings, became a powerful viral image that is as powerful today as it was the day he published it. 

The FDCs each have an good write up about each artist, along with a self-portrait caricature.  Nice layout, except, if you decide to use one of the covers, there isn’t much room for an address. 

2021 Canadian stamps Serge Chapleau FDC front 2021 Canadian stamps Serge Chapleau FDC back

2021 Canadian stamps Brian Gable FDC front  2021 Canadian stamps Brian Gable FDC back

2021 Canadian stamps Terry Mosher FDC front2021 Canadian stamps Terry Mosher FDC back 

2021 Canadian stamps Duncan Macpherson FDC front 2021 Canadian stamps Duncan Macpherson FDC back

Bruce MacKinnon FDC front Bruce MacKinnon FDC back

After a week of teasing out the series, the set was released this morning (Oct. 8, 2021). If you enjoy Canadian stamps, check out the entire 2021 list


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