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2022 Faroe Islands stamps

Written by catpaw
December 17, 2021

2022 Faroe Islands stamps begin the year with a set of franking labels. The series, Public Transportation, features Janus Guttesen’s artwork. It’ll be a fun year for fans of Martin Mörck and Anker Eli Petersen. Mörck returns on January 14 for Margrethe II’s anniversary and Petersen helms the EUROPA 2022 design. Not sure what tale Faroe Islands post office has in store for us, but this year’s theme, Europa 2022: Myths and Legends, has already produced interesting stamps. I’ll be posting them all on the Europa 2022 page early in January, so keep a look out for a link.

A quick look at some of the topics for the Faroe Island 2022 program reveals:

  • HM Margrethe II – 50 years as Queen
  • William Morris who visited the islands in 1871
  • Location used in filming
  • Aurora borealis
  • 1st book printed in Faroese
  • SEPAC  
  • Christmas 2022

 But … no puffins. Oh well. 


Franking labels 2022: Public transport

Faroe Islands 2022 transport labels 

Faroe Islands 2022 transport labels FDC 

Faroe Islands 2022 transport labels FDC

4 stamps, 5 FDCs, cancel

  • era of the ferries
  • country’s coastal ships
  • era of the tunnels
  • era of the buses

Designer: Janus Guttesen Janus D. Guttesen | Tekningar, illustratiónir tekniskeið (
Public Transport is Guttensen’s second design for Faroe Island’s post. Previous stamps were the 2012 Christmas Seals.

Release date: January 3, 2022

HM Margrethe II – 50 years as Queen

HM Margrethe II - 50 years as Queen  

HM Margrethe II - 50 years as Queen souvenir sheet

HM Margrethe II - 50 years as Queen inside folder 

1-stamp souvenir sheet, black print, souvenir folder with souvenir sheet, black print and fdc

Designer/engraver: Martin Mörck
Norwegian artist & engraver Mörck has designed about 17 stamps for Faroe Island post starting with the 1995 Saint Olaf series. He has also designed and engraved hundreds of stamps for Aland, Canada, France, Greenland, Latvia, Monaco, Sweden, Norway, the UN and Finland.  Mörck designed and engraved the Canadian1998 $2 Polar Bear definitive which is now considered a classic Canadian stamp. 

Release date: January 14, 2022

2022 Faroe Islands stamps


William Morris in the Faroe Islands in 1871

William Morris cancel

William Morris in the Faroe Islands in 1871    

William Morris FDC Faroe Islands 2022

1 stamp on a souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel

The pattern on the stamp is based on Morris’ Pure Torshavn Weave Fabric, which he designed after his visit to the islands. 

Designer: Kim Simonsen
Simonsen designed the 2021 SEPAC series. 

Release date: February 28, 2022

Kalsoy – Filming Location


Kalsoy - filming location stamp one Kalsoy - filming location stamp two 

Faroe Islands filming locations booklet strip Faroe Islands filming locations booklet cover 

Faroe Islands filming locations maxi cards 

Faroe Islands filming locations FDC 2 stampsjpg 

Faroe Islands filming locations FDC with single stampsFaroe Islands filming locations FDC with blocks

2 stamps in booklet format, 5 FDCs, cancel, 2 maxi cards

Kalsoy featured in the James Bond movie No Time To Die. Warning. This link contains spoilers to the movie – James Bond Faroe Islands scenery | Guide to Faroe Islands : Guide to Faroe Islands

Photographer: Jákup Brúsá

Release date: February 28, 2022

Northern lights – Aurora borealis

Faroe Islands northern lights cancel

Northern lights - Aurora borealis stamp one Northern lights - Aurora borealis stamp two  

 Northern Lights FDCs single stamps

Northern Lights FDCs blocks of stamps

2 stamps, 4 FDCs, cnncel

Photographers: Thomas Vikre and Árni Øregaard.

Release date: February 28, 2022


200 Years Since the First Faroese Book

FaroeIsland first book cancel  

FaroeIsland first book stamp

Faroe Islands 2022 first book

2 stamps in a souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel

Færöiske Qvæder Om Sigurd Fafnersbane of hans Æt by H.C. Lyngbye was published in 1822.  
Faroese Heroic Ballads of Sigurd, the Slayer of the Dragon Fafnir and His Kindred.

The text was a transcript of a ballad derived from the extensive Faroese oral tradition, where songs are performed by a
lead singer in a closed chain of dancers chanting along to the chorus. This Faroese chain dance is a combination of narratives,
melodies and bodily expressions, where the lead singer through dramatic interaction with the dancers chants the
main lyrics. …

H.C. Lyngbye, who came from Østhimmerland in Denmark, was a newly trained priest from Copenhagen and also a classicist
and natural scientist with an interest in botany. This led him on a scientific journey to the Faroe Islands in 1817, where
he mainly studied seaweed, but also collected a lot of other Faroese material.

In keeping with his antiquarian and linguistic interest, he noted down parts of the extensive oral Faroese ballad tradition,
among them 164 quatrains chanted by an old man in Thorshavn. On his return to Copenhagen, Lyngbye showed
these quatrains to the theologian and ballad researcher P.E. Müller, who was surprised and excited to find that motifs in …
the poems had its origins in the famous Nibelungenlied, Edda poetry and Völsungasaga, the Saga of the Volsungs.
Posta Stamps 02/2022 pp. 8-10

Færöiske Qvæder Om Sigurd Fafnersbane of hans Æt by H.C. Lyngbye

Færöiske Qvæder Om Sigurd Fafnersbane of hans Æt by H.C. Lyngbye image courtesy Faroese Post.

Designer: Ole Wich (20+) Ole Wich | Facebook
Artist Ole Wich’s first design for Faroe Islands was the 1994 Sheepdog pair. Since then he has designed about 20 stamps (in 7 sets), including the 2021 Cattle series.

Release date: May 16, 2022

Europa 2022: Myths and Legends

Faroe Islands cancel EUROPA 2022 

Svnoy Island EUROPA FAROE ISLANDS stamp 2022 Mykines island EUROPA FAROE ISLANDS stamp 2022 

Faroe Islands EUROPA 2022 sheet 

FAROE ISLANDS Europa 2022 - FDC booklet FAROE ISLANDS Europa 2022 - FDC

2 stamps in booklet format, 2 FDC, cancel

  • Svínoy – Island of pigs
  • Mykines island

Svinoy is island on the NE corner of the Faroes. Legend has it, it was once a floating island, it would periodicaly come into view and then disappear in a cloud of fog. In the small village of Viðareiði, on the island of Viðoy a farmer owned a sow but no boar.  Despite the lack of any boar on the island, she would disappear for brief periods of time and then reappear, pregnant. Islanders were curious as to how she became pregnant so they created a plan to find out where the pig vanished. 

The next time the sow was seen wandering from the village, they tied keys to its tail and followed. They were surprised to see the pig run into the sea and begin to swim north east. Puzzled as to where she was going, They leapt into boats and followed her to the mysterious island that was drifting northward. The sow swam to the island, with the islanders hot on her tail. 

Once they found out the secret, they decided to anchor the island to the seabed and began to live there. The island was named Svinoy or Pig Island in honour of the swine who found her mate there. 

Mykines island tells the tale of risi, a prehistoric giant who lived on the islands. This is an interesting origin story on how the Faroe Islands were formed. The tale goes that a giant liked the islands, but found them too small to live on. He began pulling the smaller islands together, joining some of them up to form a larger mass and others, in a close proximity. The only version I have is bad translation and has gaps in the story. When I find a better translation, I’ll fill in the rest of the story.  

Designer: Anker Eli Petersen
Previous designs include the 2021 Anker Eli Petersen, 2004 The cruise on “Maria” 1854, 2003 Völuspá, 2001 Nordic myths and legends about light and darkness and 1998 Brynhild’s ballad. 

Release date: May 16, 2022

Textile art – 3 Artists

Organic arts FDC cncel FAROE ISLANDS 2022

Astrid Andreasen (b. 1948)

Babyboom, 1997

Babyboom, 1997

A Year’s Work, 2010

A Year’s Work, 2010

Jórunn D. Poulsen (b.1949)

Hand-embroidered picture

Hand-embroidered picture

Sewn picture

Sewn picture

Tita Vinther (1941-2019) 



Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones

Organic arts FDC FAROE ISLANDS 2022

6 stamps, FDC, cancel

Artists: Astrid Andreasen, Jórunn D. Poulsen and Tita Vinther
Andreasen has designed 12 sets of stamps, starting with the 1994 Fish 4 stamp set.
I have will be posting details on Poulsen and Vinther soon. If you have links to their works, please post them in the comments.

Release date: May 16, 2022

SEPAC 2022: Local beverages

SEPAC Faroe Islands 2022  

SEPAC Faroe Islands 2022 stamp

Sepac 2022 - FDC Sepac 2022 - postcard Sepac 2022 - maxicard

1 stamp, FDC, cancel, maxicard, postcard

Föroya Bjór Forsíða – Föroya Bjór (

Föroya Bjór has for almost a century and a half supplied the Faroese with beverages, be it beer or soft drinks of various
kinds, – and in recent years, more hard hitting drinks. Posta Stamps 02/2022 p. 20

Founded by Símun í Vági who also designed the striking Faroese ram logo.  

Release date: May 16, 2022


World Postcard Day

traditional Faroese knitting patterns font of post card traditional Faroese knitting patterns postcard back 

1 postcard 

Traditional Faroese knitting patterns

Available pre-stamped and mint. You can read more about World Postcard day here World Postcard Day (October 1st) 

Release date: October 1, 2022

SALT – Sound Art & Live Theatre

Design tba

SALT – Sound Art Live Theatre 
SALT Theatre is located in a renovated and rebuilt 1938 salt silo. You can read about SALT’s history and reconstruction here History – SALT.

Release date: October 24, 2022

Christmas Stamps – Advent wreath & Christmas Tree

Faroe Islands Christmas

Faroe Islands Christmas Faroe Islands Christmas  

Faroe Islands Christmas Faroe Islands Christmas  

2 stamps, booklet of 6 (3 stamps each), 2 maxi cards, cancel

better images coming

Artist: Heiðrikur á Heygum Heiðrik á Heygum (

Release date: October 24, 2022

Christmas Seals

Faroe Islands seals

Jólaleikur v.22a (Christmas Game) 

better image & details coming

 Designer: Bárður Dal Christiansen CV | bardurdc ( 
Christiansen designed last year’s franking labels Story Tellers. 

Release date: October 24, 2022

Year Pack 2022

Release date: October 24, 2022

Year Book 2022

Release date: October 24, 2022

You can see all of the 2021 Faroe Islands stamps.

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