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    Designing a logo for Bitter Grounds – it’s not that easy

    After over a decade of blogging, I've decided to design a logo for the magazine. Better late than never, ...

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    TPL’s new logo: is it really controversial?

    The Toronto Public Library (TPL) has a new logo and some folks are a bit peeved. Let’s start with ...

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    Looks like nipple to me

    I sat for at least 5 min, chin on hand, pondering an ad that popped up on my Facebook page. I cocked ...

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    This year’s Pantone colour is …

    This year's Pantone colour has been announced. Oh lordy! It's pink on steroids.  Living Coral, or as ...

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    Design to die for – Saha’s ad makes my heart palpitate

    This is a design style I adore & wish I could create: I grabbed this postcard a few weeks ago because ...

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    Free NASA travel posters? I’m there!

    Did you know NASA created travel posters? I didn't until today.  Check out the artwork created by the ...

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    It may be pink, but it’s an effective ad

    While standing on the subway platform last week, my eye was drawn to an ad that screamed out "Look at ...

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    Blog title generator test – um no, just no

    I was poking a big stack of articles I've been meaning to read and something interesting fell out.  ...

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    Delivers us from idlers – more signage errors

    Remember the last article about the sign in need of proofing? This sign stirs up a few questions as ...

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    For want of a good proofreader – layout tunnel vision

    We’ve all seen posters/signs that make us shake our head and mutter “whoa, what were they thinking”.  ...

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    Ok TTC we need to talk – this is not a shelter

    TTC, we need to chat. A long serious one about your complete lack of common sense. I’m not sure if ...

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    A little crap design – a 16 hr watch

    I spend far too much of my time cruising the internet looking for crap design & silly things. And ...

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    Chipmunk Lear – the unutterable cuteness of it all

    Toronto based theatre company, Canadian Stage is in the middle of their summer season. I stopped so ...

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    Are you kidding? 303 slides on one webpage?

    I've complained about the absolute insanity behind the proliferation of slide shows - why use a couple ...

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    Behold, the terrifying creature Castor canadensis: A very brief look at the Canadian beaver in design.

    While flipping through a catalogue for a show at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library  (UofT) and I ...

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    Shout out to an author/designer who has unknowingly helped

    I want to send a big shout out to writer and graphic designer Janie Kliever for an article she wrote ...

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    Humger Free Font by Graphic Pear – looking at new fonts

    Looking around for some interesting fonts to play with and found a grunge font that appeals to me. I ...

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    Ontario’s new logo for the 150th bash – wow … just … wow

    Ok, I tried to like this logo. I really, really tried. I went over it trying to find something positive ...

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    Well, there’s your problem Sun – more headline mixups

    I think I spotted the problem ... too much dancing.

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    Another trip to penisland – without the snickering

    This morning, I began to ponder a response I rec’d via Twitter to my penisisland article yesterday. ...

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    For want of a hyphen – design counts

    A sometimes overlooked part of design is how a web address will look. It's a quirky thing ... web addresses. ...

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    Online editors must think proofreading is a mysterious land

    A little something to see out the old year. My only wish for the new year? Major news outlets stop ...

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    Spammer – can’t even figure out their own audience

    I see this crappy assed piece of spam every time I fire up Facebook. It's eye rolling stupidity makes ...

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    Not sure how this is even possible – drunk editing at work

    I have no idea where to even start with this:

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    This is why proofing was invented – more gibberish headlines

    Two sins committed for the price of one! Who knew proofing was so complifcated?  

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    Paging Microsoft – Spell check aisle 1

    Should we tell Microsoft about their nifty spell check feature?  

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    Starbucks red cup designs – has everyone settled down yet?

    Has everyone settle down over the faux outrage over the red cup yet? Why yes, I am feeling snarky about ...

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    Starbucks tempest in a coffee cup – the green cup design

    I sauntered over to the Starbucks website to check out the latest overblown conspiracy regarding their ...

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    mmm no I don’t think this is Clinton or Trump – Headline disconnect

    Not sure about this, but I think we have a little bit of headline disconnect going on here:  

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    KODAK logo – what’s old is new again

    Did you know Kodak was still around? I ran across an article the other day that mentioned  their logo ...

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    Google Maps protects the privacy of posters too – Stamford Bridge amusement

    I like tootling about on Google Maps, you never quite know what youi'll find. I was cruising by Stamford ...

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    A little blast from the past complete with a natty little mustache

    Interesting isn’t it?  Although the basics of ads hasn’t really changed much over the decades, ...

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    A look at Guinness’ recent logo redesign – a nod to tradition & craftsmanship

    I have an excellent redesign for you. The instantly recognisable Guinness logo was refreshed in the ...

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    Pissy little rant on misconceptions about old printing styles

    I’ve been chewing over a font that is getting under my skin lately. Take a look:  It’s Old Printing ...

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    Another corporate logo update – Sears

    I’ve seen a bit of chatter this week about Sears’ new logo so I decided to wander yonder and take ...

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    Look up irony & you’ll find the Microsoft logo

    So, my question is pretty simply ... didn't Microsoft overlook the obvious? Way to promote your own ...

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    Filters on Flatiron building – Classic Toronto architecture

    I was back downtown, around the St. Lawrence Centre and the Flatiron building last week. I have dozens ...

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    My giggles are now your giggles – the Rio Olympic logo

    I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me. The first time I looked at the Rio Olympics logo ...

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    Refreshing a classic logo – Mastercard gets it right

    I stumbled across the new Mastercard logo recently and have given it a bit of thought. Well, to be honest, ...

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    Where’s our roof, dude? Bad photoshopping & questionable marketing

    Where to start with this one? I have an example of dodgy marketing techniques and truely ridiculous ...

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    Oh the horror, the horror – typography battles for your affection

    Remember this: If you didn't slam your laptop's lid down and run screaming from the room, read on. ...

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    Web Designer Rings of Hell – hopscotching to #8

    I’m going to hopscotch across a couple rings of Designer Hell and pop into ring #8 – click bait ...

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    Slideshow confusion – another candidate for Web Ring of Hell

    The other day I went off on the prevelance of web developers who overload slide shows.  Today, I have ...

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    Poster design 2 – pushing myself out of the same old rut

    I'm thinking of creating a new sub-category for the Photo Log -> Art & Design or Exploring Art ...

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    First ring of web hell – the never ending slide show

    There should be a naughty corner for web and content designers who think this is a good idea: Notice ...

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    Something a little different – poster for the website

    Experimenting with something a little different this week.  I want a create a poster to promote the ...

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    Not quite right – when headers don’t match the photo

    Nope, doesn't look like a condor to me:    

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    My red pen is working overtime

    I dream of the days when editors actually edited:

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    Spell check isn’t your friend – Toronto Star fail …again

    I wish editors would stop relying upon spell check to do their job.  I think the Toronto Star should ...

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    Web design 101 – how not to market your website

    I operae on the assumption that it's easy to get things wrong so I tend to be (marginally) tolerant ...

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