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A 16 hr watch – Did I miss the time change memo?

Written by catpaw

August 26, 2017

I spend far too much of my time cruising the internet looking for silly things. And I’m rarely disappointed. If it isn’t people crying out “this egg cracker saved me so much time! I can now play with my children instead of breaking open eggs” (seriously, how many eggs does the average house need to crack in a week) its stuff like this: An example of bad design - a watch showing 16 hours

This falls under the utter design fail category. Count the feathers. I’ll wait, count them. Let’s see 1 2 3 4 …. 14 15 16. Yes, 16 hour stops on the watch. Unless I slept through a worldwide conspiracy to change the number of hours in a day, the watch designer created a big oops. It’s pretty much unuseable. “Hey Mary, what time is it?” “Give me a minute, it’s hmm 14 o’clock”  “Ok thanks … wait … what?”  If the intent was to mark 15 min intervals, then again, big design fail. There is no distinction in feather sizes and there would have to be more feathers so it’s still a big old mess of “what time is it now”.

I have a passion for watch dials and have a small collection of vintage pocket watches. When done well, the faces are minature works of art. Exquisite and eye catching. But even the cheapest dollar pocket watches managed to get the hours correct. This? This is a thrown together piece to capitalize on the unwary. I mean, who in hell counts how many hours are on a watch?  Good luck getting to any appointment on time with this.

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