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AAT stamps for 2021

Written by catpaw

October 11, 2021

Australian Antarctica or AAT stamps for 2021 are short and sweet. Two sets this year, and both are typical of the stamps that come via Australia Post Design Studio – clean, bright and incredibly sharp. This year’s Lichen echoes the 2016 Ice Flowers , which was an amazing bit of photographic artistry.  

Sharon Rodziewicz Ice flowers stamp four Sharon Rodziewicz Ice flowers stamp three 

Sharon Rodziewicz Ice flowers stamp Two Sharon Rodziewicz Ice flowersstamp one

Ice Flowers designer Sharon Rodziewicz returns with the Australian Antarctic Program Arts Fellowship  series.  Her fellow designer, Jason Watts is behind the  October Lichen stamps. 

To learn a bit more about this remote place, check out Explore Antarctica – Australian Antarctic Program.


Australian Antarctic Program Arts Fellowship

AAT special cancel

AAT stamp MusicAAT Painting

AAT Sound recordingAAT Photography



AAT booklet AAT souvenir sheet

AAT maxi Music - showing musician with a harp AAT maxi showing a painter with easel ATT Maxi card 4 showing a photographyer Maxi Card 3 showing Sound recorder

  • Musical performance
  • Painting
  • Sound recording
  • Photography

Since 1984, the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship program has enabled artists and writers
to travel to Antarctica and create work inspired by their experiences and insights. The program
seeks to increase awareness and appreciation of Antarctica and the subantarctic, including its
unique environment and rich history. Through their Antarctic-inspired creations, fellows have done
much to promote the icy continent and the work of the Australian Antarctic Program to Australians
and the world.
Australian Post Stamp Bulletin #370

4 stamps, 2 FDC/FDC mini sheet/blank cover, pack 1 postal cancel, 4 maxi cards, souvenir sheet, 4 gutter strips of 10

Designer: Sharon Rodziewicz 

Release date: March 16, 2021


Flora – Lichen

AAT Lichen stamp one AAT Lichen stamp 4 

AAT Lichen stamp 3 AAT Lichen stamp 2 

AAT Lichen stamp souvenir sheet 


AAT Lichen stamp pack  


AAT Lichen stamp gutter 3 AAT Lichen stamp FDC 1  

gutter strips

AAT Lichen stamp gutter 3 AAT Lichen stamp gutter 4

AAT Lichen stamp gutter 2 AAT Lichen stamp gutter 1 

maxi cards

AAT Lichen stamp maxi two AAT Lichen stamp maxi three 

AAT Lichen stamp maxi one AAT Lichen stamp maxi four

4 stamps, 2 FDCs, cancel, souvenir sheet, 4 gutter sheets of 10, 4 maxi cards

  • $1.10 Buellia frigida
  • $1.10 Xanthoria mawsonii
  • $2.20 Umbilicaria decussata
  • $3.30 Xanthoria elegans

Lichens are some of the oldest living organisms on Earth and one of only four main types of plants that grow in harsh Antarctic conditions. They have very slow growth rates (in Antarctica, from around one centimetre or more per 100 years to as little as one centimetre per 1,000 years)… In Antarctica, three main types of lichens exist: crustose lichens, which form a thin crust on the surface of the substrate on which they grow (such as rocks or even moss); foliose lichens, which form leaf-like lobes; and fruticose lichens, which have a shrubby, coral-like appearance. Australian Antarctic Territory: Lichen – Australia Post (

Designer: Jason Watts

Release date: October 5, 2021


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