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Afghanistan stamps 2021 – Tetsu Nakamura

Written by catpaw

June 15, 2021

There’s not much to say about Afghanistan stamps 2021. As of June, there was only one issued and it’s doubtful another will make an appearance. Afghanistan puts out one stamp per year lately, with 2020 an exception. No stamps were issued last year. To compound the problem, the Afghanistan postal site is pretty lean on details about their issues. Information on the Tetsu Nakamura stamp, was pulled from Afghanistan’s Twitter and Facebook pages, both offering a dribble of detail. If there are errors, please let me know. Google translate doesn’t always help. For some reason, it keeps translating postal as pistachios. I have to confess, it was a fun afternoon read. 

If you poke around the Afghan Post Facebook page, you’ll find some decent advertising posters highlighting older stamps.  This one is about the first stamps issued by Afghanistan in 1871 and 1872.  So if you’re a collector of Afghan stamps, you might want to go see what other posters they have. Some of them are frame worthy and Afghan Post should sell them. 

Poster from Afghan Post promoting first issues released in 1870s

Afghanistan stamps 2021

75th Anniversary of the Birth of Tetsu Nakamura 中村 哲, (1946-2019)

75th Anniversary of the Birth of Tetsu Nakamura Afghanistan stamps 2021

Afghanistan stamps 2021 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Tetsu Nakamura souvenir binder Afghanistan stamps 2021 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Tetsu Nakamura souvenir binder inside 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Tetsu Nakamura souvenir binder 

1 stamp, album of works and photos of Titsu Nakamura. It is not clear if this is available to the public or simply a souvenir issued for government officials. 

Designer unknown.
Album is signed by Dr. Fazal Mahmoud Fazli, General Head of Affairs Department and Ahmad Vahid Weiss, General Head of Afghan Post

Release date: January 14, 2021

The Asia-Pacific Journal has a substantial article on Nakamura and the work he did in Afghanistan – Nakamura Tetsu: humanitarian doctor, farmer, and hero of Afghanistan | The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (

Poster from Afghan Post displaying newspapers from Japan about Tetsu Nakamura’s assassination. Nakamura was an extraordinary man who helped turn a desert into a lush forest and farmland.  See more here: Dr. Tetsu Nakamura (for children) site “Illuminating a corner” – Nishinippon Shimbun 
The site is in Japanese, but translates ok with Google. Scroll 2/3 way down to see a short animation of the area as it transforms from desert to arable land. The world needs more Tetsu Nakamuras. 

Tetsu Nakamura newspapers talking about his murder Afghanistan stamps 2021

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