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Interesting stamps from Algeria 2021

Written by catpaw

August 29, 2021

Although I enjoyed looking at Algeria 2021 stamps, I was frustrated by the lack of coherence on Algerian Post’s website. The stamps are wonderfully focused on representing various aspects of Algeria and Algerian history and I enjoyed exploring the country through it’s stamps. But finding quality photos for this post was problematic at best. I felt like I was spinning circles at times. However, that doesn’t take away from enjoying their unique style.  

A few thoughts on covers & stamps from Algeria 2021

I could find a handful of covers, but came up empty for most issues. Algerian Post isn’t that good at showing off their shiny new editions. They do publish a richly detailed newsletter for each stamp, but they fall completely flat in promoting anything beyond single stamps. It has proven to be a bit of a trial finding decent quality FDCs. I have reached out to Algerian Post to see if they offer anything useable by way of scans. Who knows what will come of the request. 

Highlight of the year is definitely their entry to the EUROMED 2021 competition. This year’s theme is Handicraft Jewelry of the Mediterranean.  After digging around a bit, I found some outstanding videos about how their ambergris necklaces are made. It’s posted below for you. Although not in English, like many things on the internet, not everything needs to be translated. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Of course I have to babble a bit about the Traditional Dishes stamps. Anytime I run across food themed topics I get almost as excited as I do with pioneer aviation. If there are two things that make my heart sing it’s exploring food from around the world and pioneer aviation/airmail. Better make that three things – stamps that cover both topics as well. 

Cancels – the old complaint

Algeria does issue some interesting cancels to rummage about for. However, no images I found were particularly crisp so I haven’t included them. If I have any success with Algeria’s post office, I’ll update this page. Fingers crossed. I would really like to include more images because turns out, I enjoyed Algeria’s designs.


This was my first serious stroll through Algeria’s stamps. As per usual, I tried to search for details about designers & artists. I’ve come up empty handed and disappointed. One of the great joys of stamp collecting is discovering who designed them, the (largely) unsung heroes of this hobby. I’ve run into a classic case of language and culture differences creating problems when I search for info. I’ll keep plugging away. 

February’s stamps from Algeria 2021

Covid 19

 Algeria 2021 fight covid stamps from Algeria 2021

2 stamps, FDC, cancel

Designer: SÉHINI Ryma

Release date: Feb. 1, 2021 with FDC on Feb. 27 & 28.


Let’s Consume Algerian  

Algerian 2021 lets consume algerian 

Lets consume FDC  stamps from Algeria 2021

1 stamp, FDC, cancel

Designer: Kamar Eddine Krim

Release date: March 15, 2021

Fight Forest Fires

 Algeria 2021 Fight Forest fires stamps from Algeria 2021

Fight Forest fire FDC stamps from Algeria 2021

1 stamp, FDC, cancel

Designer: Tahar Boukeroui

Release date: March 23, 2021

April stamps from Algeria 2021

Popular Games – Kharbga & Sig

Algeria 2021 popular games stamps from Algeria 2021Algeria 2021 popular games stamps from Algeria 2021

2 stamps, FDC, cancel

Designer: Zakaria Morsli and Sofiane Dey

Release date: April 20, 2021 with FDC issued April 18 & 19


Fruits – strawberries & blackberries

Algeria 2021 Fruit strawberries Algeria 2021 Fruit blackberries

2 stamps, FDC, cancel

Designer: Mohamed Guettouche (strawberry), Smain Karaoui (blackberry)

Release date: May 18, 2021 with FDC issued May 16 & 17

Traditional Dishes – Rechta and Harira

Algeria 2021 traditional dishes 1 stamps from Algeria 2021 Algeria 2021 traditional dishes  soup stamps from Algeria 2021

Algeria 2021 traditional dishes FDC 

2 stamps, FDC, cancel

I love these stamps. Any excuse to explore new food.
Two videos showing how both dishes are made. Although in French, they are easy to follow.

2 stamps, FDC, cancel

Designer: Zineb Bahri

Release date: May 20, 2021 with FDC May 18 & 19

June stamps from Algeria 2021

Circular Economy – recovery, recycling and waste exploitation

Algeria 2021 circular economy stamps from Algeria 2021

stamp, FDC, cancel

Designer: Djazia Cherrih

Release date: June 8, 2021 with FDC on June 6 & 7


Independence Day – July 5, 1962

Algeria 2021 Independence day

stamp, FDC, cancel

Designer: M.D.N

Release date: July 7, 2021 with FDC on July 5 & 6

EUROMED 2021: Traditional Jewelry of the Mediterranean

Ageria 2021 traditional jewelry showing a broach stamps from Algeria 2021  Algeria 2021 traditional jewelry showing an ambergris neckless  stamps from Algeria 2021

Algeria Euromed FDC 2021 stamps from Algeria 2021

2 stamps, FDC, cancel 

Stamp one shows a chemassa (broach) and the second a skhab (ambergris necklace)


The “Skhab” necklace – Eastern Algerian tradition

Although this video isn’t in English, it isn’t difficult to follow. The demonstrations of creating ambergris necklaces is fascinating. 

The “Skhab” or ambergris necklace, is a precious traditional necklace of brown or black color made for Algerian women and worn by them on occasions. It gives off good scents of musk and amber that can embalm for decades, no matter how many times it is used, the temperature of the environment or where it is kept.

The “Skhab” is used in many parts of our country, including Constantine, Tebessa, M’sila, Batna, Khenchela, Boussaâda and Guelma. It is composed of:

  • Wheat flour or date grains after burning,
  • The souchet, round seeds with a good smell, sold at herbalists and perfumers,
  • The dried fruit of a plant not too well known in our country and that smells very good,
  • Natural musk, a natural fragrance with a strong and refreshing smell,
  • The clove, or what is locally called “oud” and which smells very good,
  • Natural amber.
    Algerian Post Office


Its name is derived from its shape that corresponds to the shape of the sun. It is a circle with pointed borders that represent the light that springs from the sun. It is also known as “Ibzim” (the loop) in many parts of the country. The “Chemassa” is a brooch that is placed in the collar. It is made of precious metal which is either gold or silver. It is one of the best known traditional Algerian jewels, just like the “Skhab”..  Algerian Post Office

 Designer: Tayeb Laidi

Release date: July 12, 2021

You can see all the EUROMED 2021 stamps here EUROMED 2021 – Jewelry of Mediterranean 
You can vote on your favourite stamp as well with our poll.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Algeria 2021 Tokyo Olympics one stamps from Algeria 2021 Algeria 2021 Tokyo Olympics two

2 stamps, FDC, cancel

Designer: Sofiane Dey

Release date: July 18, 2021 with FDC on July 16 & 18


If you enjoyed Algeria’s offerings, why not check out something completely different?  Try out some Awesome Canadian stamps. Very different sense of design and style. It’s fun to compare countries. 

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