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January 13, 2017

Another trip to penisland – without the snickering

This morning, I began to ponder a response I rec’d via Twitter to my penisisland article yesterday. It presented an interesting design and marketing thought process:

A tweet from Pen Island Brewing Co that says "We know we have an unfortunate name, but we'll grow on you"

Pen Island Brewing … which to my UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT offers nary a pint – embraced a potentially embarrassing url and ran with it. Their address is . Someone obviously got the humour, spotted a market and built a brand around the it:

Logo for Pen Island Brewing
Their logo plays with the Pen Island / Penis Land pun, as do all the products they sell.They took a different approach to the design – the font is solid, and easily reads both pen island and penis land. Just a colour change is used to differentiate. It’s funny how using the same weight in the type allows the eye to see both names. The site is one long play on their company name. Am I their market? No, I’m not a fan of penis jokes (although they make smashing click bait titles!), but that’s irrelevant. They are appealing to a specific demographic who will enjoy the humour. But what I actually find brilliant with this marketing pitch, is they are using the name as a Kickstarter idea to help fund their brewery…. Maybe, it’s a bit hard to tell if they’re serious about the brewery as well or if it’s part of their sales pitch.

The world needs more independent breweries, fewer dicks.


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