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May 06, 2016

Balcony surprise – lilacs in the city 20 floor up

I was just out on the balcony about 15 min ago and was shocked to see this:

Lilac Tree balcony garden

Our lovely and much neglected lilac tree survived the winter. We’re 20 floors up and we get furious wind gales all winter long. We thought it was a gonner, but a few weeks ago we thought we saw signs of life.

Didn’t think more about  it because the weather turned cold again and I was sure that was it for poor lilac. We were out putting water in the birdbath just now (the sparrows have been bopping around in the morning again) when mom said “Did you see this?” Neither of us had taken any notice of the leafy lovelines standing beside us because we were both so sure the sudden cold snap had done in the tree. Amazing.  We are going to have lilacs again this spring. When it blooms, we roll it over to the door and the morning breeze fills our living room with the scent of lilacs.  Tough little tree!

Lilac buds balcony garden 2016

Now, this brings me to something VERY IMPORTANT. It must be important, I typed it in caps.  If you are an urban gardener saunter over to the Urban Gardener’s Alliance website at  Well, actual, just go, even if you don’t garden, but enjoy all things leafy.   Join and share about your little urban kingdom and enjoy. I’ve already picked up a few good ideas about keeping my balcony garden thriving. So enjoy: Urban Gardener’s Alliance. Drop me a line and let me know if you joined so I can look for your posts. (Urban Gardener’s Alliance page on Post Waves is no longer available)

Here’s one last look at the leaves on the  lilac tree. Too bad we can’t do scratch ‘n sniff websites: Lilac tree on our balcony 2016



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