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Brazil 2021 – a little Lennon & lace

Written by catpaw

July 25, 2021

I went on a Brazil 2021 stamp bender recently. I think I tweeted 6 Brazilian stamps in a row because I was so enamoured with the art. Something funny has happened to me over the last few years. I’ve come to realise my tastes in art are nothing like they were in my younger years. I’m far more adventurous & crave art that challenges me. And the Brazilian artwork this year, really tweaked that need.

Bernardo França’s Professional Cleaners stamp caught my attention first. And from there I kept digging deeper into Brazilian stamps. One of the great delights in stamp collecting is finding an entire country that tantalizes the imagination & collecting bug. Hope you enjoy the stamps as much as I do. Occasionally, I am at a loss for things to explore because the stamps simply don’t tick any boxes for me. Brazil was the opposite. the more I explored, the more I enjoyed. 

Quick note 

In the various stamp lists I publish, I often include issues that are not for public use, such as Brazil’s May 3 Communications Week stamp, or special issues designed and sponsored by groups. These stamps (and cancels) don’t appear in the general release lists, but since they are printed and sold by the post office, I think they belong. It just makes them a bit harder to get your stamp collecting hands on. 

Brazil 2021 stamps January

International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

Children cancel

International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

1 stamp, sheets of 16, cancel

Designer: Lidia Marina Hurovich Neiva – Correios
“I started learning about Art even before I could read and I’m always learning since then.” lidia marina hurovich neiva artist illustrator art about
Hurovich Neiva has worked with Brazil’s post office on a number of stamps. You can see some of them on her website

Release date: Jan. 1, 2021


John Lennon

John Lenon cancel

John Lennon

1 stamp, sheets of 20, cancel

Designer: Jamile Costa Sallum
Previous design by Costa Sallum was the 2020 Commander Ferraz Antarctic Station stamp
Photo: Bob Gruen

Release date: Jan. 25, 2021


Diplomatic Relations Series: Brazil – Dominican Republic

Diplomatic Relations cancel

Diplomatic Relations Series Brazil - Dominican Republic

1 stamp, sheets of 20, cancel

Designer: Correios Filatelia

Release date: April 19, 2021


Communications Week 
Personalized commemorative – Ministry of Communications (MCOM) 

Ministry of Communications (MCOM)

1 stamp

This stamp will be used by the Ministry of Communications (MCOM) in their official correspondence and institutional actions. Not for general postage use. 

Designer: MCOM

Release date: May 3, 2021


Professional Cleaners
Professions Series

 Professional cleaners Brazil 2021

1 stamp

Designer: Bernardo França
You can see more of França‘s art here Bernardo França on Behance

Release date: May 16, 2021


150th Anniversary Birth of Maestro Tonheca Dantas

 Brazil 2021 150th Anniversary Birth of Maestro Tonheca Dantas

1 stamp, sheets of 12

Illustrator: Francisco Iran 

Maestro Tonheca Dantas’s compositions became known throughout Brazil and outside it. His most well-known song is “Royal Cinema”, pointed out by the researchers as his most notable production and played during World War II by BBC Radio London, but unfortunately performed as “unknown author”. Many other compositions achieved the accomulation of the most exquisite orchestras, such as the waltzes “Delirium” and “A Desfolhar Saudade”. Post Office launches stamp in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maestro Tonheca Dantas – Post Office – Press Room (

Release date: June 13, 2021


Ariano Suassuna’s (June 16, 1927 – July 23, 2014) Birthday
Special Postal Issuance: Auto da Compadecida

Ariano Suassuna's cancel

 Zélia Suassuna  Auto da Compadecida Brazil 2021

1 stamp, sheets of  18, cancel

Artist: Zélia Suassuna

This stamp is packed with imagery. Brazil post wrote:

The piece depicts a kind of emblem with the characteristics of armorial aesthetics. The art is signed by the playwright’s wife, Zélia Suassuna, son Manuel Dantas Suassuna and graphic designer Ricardo Gouveia de Melo. The authors claim that the print “was associated with the immortal love that united and will continue to unite Zélia and Ariano”. Through a digital composition, the label uses a drawing by Zélia that illustrated the cover of the latest edition of the piece, released by nova fronteira publishing house.  

Auto da Compadecida is a three-act, self-shaped play written in 1955. His first staging took place in 1956, in Recife, Pernambuco. The play designed Suassuna throughout the country and had three film adaptations. In 1999, it was presented as a TV miniseries, being the best known version, which was also taken to the movies. With striking and folkloric characters, such as João Grilo, Chicó, Cangaceiro, Encourado, Manuel (Jesus Cristo) and Compadecida – which intercedes for all in the trial – is considered, in the view of many theater critics, one of the most important works of modern Brazilian dramaturgy.
On ariano Suassuna’s birthday, Auto da Compadecida is the subject of a special stamp – Post Office – Press Room (

Find out more about Ariano Suassuna, author & playwright

Release date: June 16, 2021


First Crossing of the Atlantic with Postal Mail to Brazil
Personalized commemorative with Embassy of France in Brazil
First trans Atlantic flight Brazil 2021

1 stamp

May 30, 1930, pilot Jean Mermoz, co-pilot & navigator Jean Dabry, and radio navigator Léopold Martial Émile Gimié, flew from Senegal to Brazil, carrying 20,000 letters.  You can read about their flight here Jean Dabry Archives – This Day in Aviation.

Release date: July 2, 2021

Special Issuance Brazilian Incomes series

Lace cancel Brazilian stamps 2021

4 different stamps showing types of lace Brazil 2021

4 stamps, cancel, sheets of 24

  • Bilro 
  • Fillet  
  • Irish 
  • Renaissance 

Designer: Renato Imbroisi Team 
Photos: Marcos Muzzi
Design and art-finishing: Daniel Effi–Correios Brasil

“Whether as an artistic expression, a means of sustenance or just a hobby, income is a legacy passed down between generations, a way of perpetuated customs, traditions and the history of Brazil itself.”  Floriano Peixoto, president Post Office

Release date: July 7, 2021  


Cheeses from Brazil

serrano cheese cancel Paulista cheese Minas cheese Marijano cheese manteiga cheese Diamante cheese Coalho cheese Aragula cheese

8 stamps showing different Brazilian cheeses

8 stamps, cancels, sheets of 16, souvenir sheet, 8 cancels

8 cheeses from different regions of Brazil.

  • Marajó cheese
  • butter cheese
  • coalho cheese
  • Araguaia cabacinha cheese
  • artisanal Minas cheese
  • artisanal cheese from São Paulo
  • cheese from the region of Diamante-SC
  • artisanal Serrano cheese 

Read more about these cheeses Lançamento | Queijos do Brasil (

Photographers: Angélica Gitana Batista Gomes, Association of Artisanal Cheese Producers of Serro, Association of Canastra Cheese Producers, Fernando Coleho Sette Câmara, Fernando Kluwe Dias, Maria Luiza Giudicissi Valente, Remy Narciso Simão and Susete Oliveira Resende Freitas
Designer: Jamile Costa Sallum – Post Office

Release date: July 25, 2021


Centenary of Insulin Discovery

Insulin cancel

Centenary Insulin Discovery

1 stamp, sheets of 12, cancel 

 A estampa do selo traz a representação gráfica da íris dos olhos, que sugere um olhar atento aos hábitos cotidianos e alerta para o problema do diabetes.

The stamp print brings the graphic representation of the iris of the eyes, which suggests a careful look at everyday habits and alert to the problem of diabetes Centenary of the Discovery of Insulin is the theme of commemorative stamp – Post Office – Press Room (

Designer: Marise Silva

Release date: July 30, 2021

August stamps

200 Years of Independence: Bicentennial of the Courts of Lisbon
5th stamp in series – final stamp in series

200 years cancel

200 years Independence

1 stamp, cancel

Designers: Ely Borges and Isabel Flecha de Lima
Painting: “Sessão das Cortes de Lisboa”, by Oscar Pereira da Silva

Release date: Aug. 23, 2021

200 years of Anita Garibaldi

200 years of Anita Garibaldi 

200 years of Anita Garibaldi

One of the “20 most important women in the history of Brazil” … “The art of this issue is a composition of Anita Garibaldi in its multiple facets: the woman, the warrior, the mother. There is also the design of a rose, symbol of the honoree. Three colors were used, which, together with the color of the paper, represent Brazil, Anita’s country of birth, and Italy, which recognizes her and her companion Giuseppe Garibaldi as heroes responsible for the unification of the country”. Commemorative issue celebrates the 200th anniversary of Anita Garibaldi – Post Office – Press Room (

Designer: José Carlos Braga

Release date: Aug. 30, 2021


200 Years of the Paulista Manifesto  

Bicentenary of the Paulista Manifesto CANCEL

Bicentenary of the Paulista Manifesto

Design based on sculpture by artist Claudio Antonio Callia

Release date: September 8, 2021

Future Issues: 

Brazilian Fauna – September 22
5 stamp

Homage to the Christ the Redeemer Monument – September 24
3 stamp on a souvenir sheet

Tourism – September 27
3 stamps

150 of the “law of the free womb” – September 28
2 stamps on a souvenir sheet

Beneficial Insects – October 4 
6 stamp

Centenary of the Birth Of Oscar Dias Corrêa – October  8
1 stamp

Christmas 2021 – October 12
1 stamp

150 Years of Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute – October 15
1 stamp on a souvenir sheet

Pavilion of Brazil at Expodubai 2020 – November 15
3 stamps

Brazil and Estonia – November 
1 stamp




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