I have a thing for bugs. I like looking over flowers, checking to see if anything interesting is lurking. They are a bugger (no pun intended) to photograph though. Can’t tell you how many shots of bug bums I have, but let’s just say, it’s staring to look like a weird fetish.  This past summer I spent 2 days trying to get a good shot of ants scurrying around a peony plant. I’m sure this is a peony, if it isn’t correct me please. Bugs I’m good with, plands I’m not so good with.  But, I eventually got what I think is the perfect shot:


 ants on a peony


When you’re squinting in the sunshine and staring at the small camera screen, it’s hard to tell if it’s “the shot”. But once I got home and looked at it, I knew it. Perfect. Even the pollen on their bodies came through.  Fast little sods, ants.  Took forever. It’s all about patience and knowing what you want to capture.

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