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July 08, 2015

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW – telecom dealings

My friends will laugh at this entry – they are all too used to my insane rants about dealing with telecoms here in Canada – especially Rogers (often referred to as “The Company that shall remain unnamed”). I spend an increasing amount of time helping customers deal with telecom problems. Most of which should be resolved with a quick phone call. It never works that way. I find myself on the phone endlessly asking for explanations about billing errors, service interruptions, better rates, why new customers get discounted packages but a customer of 15 years pays substantially more or answers as to why a simple job suddenly ballooned into epic disasters. It’s never simple. The more services they add on, the worse it’s become.

But … and I find this a bit hard to write … I had the BEST EXPERIENCE dealing with a Rogers rep this morning. I know … staggering isn’t. I spent the last week ranting to anyone listening about the fuckups with Bell and a customer’s simple move (took a week to get the phones hooked up. I’ll rant about it later) and was in a bit of a “no hostages” mood when I went to speak with Rogers.

Went trotting down to the store on Bloor near Sherbourne here in Toronto. I had given up trying to communicate by phone, it seems to make everything worse so customer and I nipped down to deal directly with them. Not only was the Rogers employee competent (hi Annie), she found ways to save my customer up to $40 a month off his bill. She knew her stuff, called and verified the information and made sure it was all in writing. What the hell will I do if Rogers suddenly gets all competent on me?


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