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June 11, 2015

Canada war revenue poster – Great War propaganda

BOBs, or Back of the Book stamps are a fun, and often over looked area of collecting. Revenues and war stamps are represented in my collection, but I’m more a dabbler than a serious collector. If something falls my way and in my budget range, I’ll scoop it. My collection is pretty modest – I tend to focus more on airmail, especially the earliest issues, but I can never pass up a good excise stamp. Stamps issued during the Great War are among my favourites. They are beautifully engraved, rich sources of propaganda. If you are doing any research into propaganda from the period, look no further than the iconography used in the posters used to sell them.

I found this poster at the Toronto Public Library archives:

1919 Canada War Stamp poster

1919 Canada War Stamp poster

The poster and the stamp ticks all the boxes for WW1 imagery. I’d love to acquire the $5 stamp in the poster, but it’s far above my price ceiling for revenue purchases. I’ve seen a .25c one from the series go for over $200. I save my dollars for airmails and go cheap on the revenues.

The best source for Canadian revenues and info on them is E.S. J. van Damn – and I desperately wish they’d update their dated web design and include a proper indexing. It’s infuriating to navigate. But, it’s the best online for current pricing.


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