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September 03, 2014

Catching a moving target

I like close up photography. I don’t tend to do a lot of sweeping panoramas or landscapes. Something about the up close and personal view that tweaks my imagination.  Like all smart phones, my little Nokia has a Macro feature. Great for close ups. It does a pretty good job of capturing colour and detail. It can be a bit of a pain trying to get the focus, especially if you have any vision issues. I have difficulties seeing the screen clearly on bright days. and take a lot of random shots in the hopes of getting the perfect one. Can’t tell you how may times I’ve deleted  blurry pictures.  The macro feature is easy to find, it’s the little icon that looks like a tulip. It’s the same on all cameras, a universal symbol. Once you set it, you are ready to roll.

For weeks I’ve been trying to capture bees fussing around with flowers. Two problems cropped up – the little buggers don’t stay still very long so they are hard to snap and I really don’t want to get stung so I was far too tentative. But what do you know, bumble bees really don’t care if you shove a phone up their little stinger backsides. They ignore everything.  After about 20 failed photos, I finally got one last week. And I’m chuffed about it. I put the camera on macro and just kept tapping the screen. I have some lovely shots of bumble bee butts disappearing off the edge of the screen, and some completely out of focus.  I started experimenting, getting closer and closer and bingo – the perfect shot and I wasn’t stung. Bonus all around.  Here’s my prize:

 Nokia Lumina photography - bee on flower

Nice crisp colours, sharp definition. I cropped it down from the original to focus on the bee, using the photo tools that come with Windows 8.1. They do a good job. This photo really didn’t need any adjustments other than cropping away the extra green leaves. The focus was spot on. Even magnified, the details are clear. 


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