How about some more fun with this day in history – Wolfe & Montcalm

How about some more fun with this day in history – Wolfe & Montcalm

I was poking around a few history websites yesterday and discovered it’s the anniversary of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.  Ah hah! I’ve separated the Canadians from the herd, haven’t I? Any one who attended school in Canada will instantly recognise the significance. This battle was one of the seminal points of the Seven Years War which saw New France surrendered to British control.  This watershed moment in history set the stage for the American Revolution and the formation of Canada over 100 years later. 

Mock newspaper about the Battle of Abraham PlainsI’ve had some fun wondering how modern news outlet would cover the wars. Now my take is decidedly low key. I’ve played around with a News of the World style cover, but can’t quite bring myself to actually post it. It ended up a little bit rude.  Funnier than hell, but incredibly offensive. I’ll work on tempering it for later posts. This turned into an amusing little project so I’ll periodically post them when a historical date tweaks me.  

Want to read more about the Seven Years War?  

Canadian War Museum  – Clash of Empires and The Battle of the Plains of Abraham
The Canadian Encyclopedia has an excellent entry – Seven Years’ War 
The Gov of Canada’s Battlefield Commission has a page on the Battle – Battle of the Plains of Abraham 
Quebec City and area site – Battlefield Park 

Check your local library and ask the librarian to recommend a few books for you.  
Start with Northern Armageddon: The Battle of the Plains of Abraham by Dr. Peter MacLeod, an historian with the Canadian War Museum. 

Attributed to Joseph Highmore – Bonhams, Public Domain,
Antoine Louis François Sergent dit Sergent-Marceau [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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