Aero Club of Canada stamp & more

Aero Club of Canada stamp & more

I’m back lurking around Vance Auction’s  October listings, this time looking at the airmails. Oh and be still my beating heart! The first offerings in Canadian semi-postals knocked my socks off. Now is the time to dig up some extra cash and go wild. What has my pulse racing? Check them out:

Image courtesy Vance Auctions

Image courtesy Vance Auctions

Image courtesy Vance Auctions

Image courtesy Vance Auctions

I’m always blown away by them when I see them.  They are on my fantasy “one day I’ll own them” list. The first is an Aug 1918 CLP2 tete beche pair. Vance describes them as VF, OG and well centred. Estimate on this is $1,500 (lot #6759). I went to a stamp show (quite a few years ago) and one of the sellers had a couple singles on display. That was the only time I’ve been able to get so close I could see all the detail. Great propaganda pieces. 

Scan of CLP 2 tete beche pair

Moving on through the list – 3 CPL3 AUG 25, 1919 Aeroclub Canada stamps, including a used with a good cachet estimated $900.  

Scan of CLP3 semi official airmail with crisp cancel

The cachet is strong and doesn’t look like it’s suffered any fading over time – ‘AERIAL MAIL AUG 25, 1919 TORONTO CANADA’ .  All three are worth checking out if you’re a semi-official collector. Check out lots 6760 to 6762. 

Rounding out the list are two beautiful deep red Estevan – Winnipeg FF semis from  Oct 1 1924.  

Scan of Canada airmail with CLP5 semi official stamp

If you have an eye for cachets, CLP5 and CLP5i are the ones to look at. Both have a little biplane stamped under the By Air Mail | First Flight, but CLP5i version is picture perfect and still strong 94 year later. Estimates $250 and $275.

Vance Auctions #333 Oct 11 catalogue is online now –  While over there don’t forget to check out their blog. They recently posted an interesting bit on the lathe work on Canadian Admirals. 

Talman auction set for sometime in the fall

John H. Talman stamps will have an auction sometime this fall.  At last. I’ve been waiting months for the announcement.

He’s going to keep us waiting for the date, but I expect it’ll be sometime the end of Sept.  It’s been awhile since his last auction and I’m really looking forward to it. If you’re in Toronto, it’s a chance to attend a friendly, relaxed auction with some nice people in attendance. I enjoy his auctions, but don’t get down to them often.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go this fall. Auctions are usually held at the Eagle’s Club at  17 Elm, Toronto ON M5G 1H1, downtown but check back closer to auction day to be sure.

There are only 17 items posted to date, and no images.  Talman usually has a good selection of airmails, and superb Canadian covers on offer but we’ll have to be patient until the rest of the items are listed. It’ll be interesting to see how the catalogue shakes out ->

And before I forget,  check out Talman’s page over at Hipstamp for ongoing online auctions -> If you aren’t familiar with HipStamp, it’s a safe and saner alternative to eBay, which is so rife with scammers I turn a cynical eye to pretty much most sales now.  There is also a section for postcards (HipCard) and comics (HipComics) which I’m going to start looking thoroughly examining. Yes, I collect comics – well only Scrooge McDuck comics, but I enjoy looking through the selection. I’ll throw interesting items up, from both postcards and comics, as I see them. Lots of fun!

For those  following my previous post on Vance Auction’s Hindenburg salvaged mail, that auction is tomorrow.  Results usually take a couple of weeks before they’re posted, but I’ll keep an eye open for realised prices. I can’t wait to see if it comes close to the 8 grand listed.




Psst – have a spare 8 grand for a postal cover?

Psst – have a spare 8 grand for a postal cover?

Here’s something you don’t see every day:

Photo of a badly burned salvaged cover from the Hindenburg Zeppelin disaster - cover courtesy Vance Auctions
Have you figured out what it is? Here’s a hint: Think Zeppelin mail.  This chance to own a piece of history is coming up at the next Vance sale Aug 22, 2018. (Auction item 687)

C54, Tied on part of a charred cover from the 6 May, 1937 HINDENBURG ZEPPELIN DISASTER. Addr to C. Ford in San Francisco with centrally struck red Zeppelin flight cachet. Wrapped in the original cellophane by the Post Office and with P.O. Department Officially Sealed label on reverse. Has 1993 Germany Philatelic Society Certificate and 1993 Dr J. Simon Certificate. A VERY RARE EXAMPLE OF A HINDENBURG CRASH COVER FROM THE MOST FAMOUS AIR DISASTER IN HISTORY

The cover, from one of the most famous air disasters in history, was one of only 372 salvaged from the 17,000 letters the Hindenburg carried on it’s last flight, Out of those 372, 176 suffered no damaged because they were being held in protective pouches. The rest (this one included) were pieced together afterwards by diligent US postal officials, sealed and  sent on to their destination.  This one has an authentication certificate, which is mandatory given the high number of forgeries about.  It’s unusual to see one come for auction and it’ll be interesting to see what the final price is.

If you look closely, you can just make out an address and post mark. The original US post Officially Sealed stamp is in place along with the salvage wrapping. It originally carried the C54 Swastika, Sun, Globe and Eagle German airmail stamp – 100pf, like the one below, but I couldn’t spot it. I think it’ll take a careful examination to see the remnants.

Scan of 1934 German airmail stamp

Note: the number of covers that survived varies between 358 to 372.  Zeppelin authority Dieter Leder from the Zeppelin Study Group pegs the number at 372, which is the one I use in the article.

Hindenburg Crash Mail – 
Burned mail from Hindenburg crash to be auctioned
Zeppelin Post Journal is the one of the best magazines on the market for Zeppelin related information –

Cancel hound alert: Canadian town cancels did very well at Sparks

Cancel hound alert: Canadian town cancels did very well at Sparks

Sparks Auctions has released realised prices for their May event. Just before the auction, I wrote about a couple of lots that were intriguing, but before I get to them, there were two lots I missed that are wowing me.

Lot 1202, 2000 stamps with early Ontario town cancels, sold nicely over expectations. This was a smorgasbord of 38 stock sheets valued at $2,000 and sold for $2,500 (with the buyer’s premium $2,850).  Included were higher value small Queens,  Jubilee issues,  QV Maple Leafs and Numerals with cancels from all over the province.  It looks like a fascinating grouping to enjoy.  Someone is going to have a lot of fun with it.

It was a good auction for cancel hounds.  Lot 1283, another town cancel collection, this time from New Brunswick  (1840s to 1930s) offered more than 600 covers and postcards including some rare and one of a kind marks. 1283 included fancy corks which are my favourite type of cancels, especially if they are on small Queens. My own collection defines the word modest, but that doesn’t stop me from pouring over them again and again. There’s always something new to pick out.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve rearranged them – first by cancel, then by town and sometimes by colour variation. What can I say, it whiles away cold Canadian winter nights. The collection was pegged at $2,000 as well, but sold for $3,000 ($3,450 with buyer’s premium).  After looking through the list of rare or scare cancels, I can see how someone would pay that. I have a reoccurring fantasy of walking into an auction with $20,000 to play with.  Somehow I think I’d come away with mostly pioneer airmail, but there would always be a few dollars to spare for a lot or two of fancy cancels.

Back in May, I positively oozed over the early beaver stamps, including a couple that were within budget collectors range and one that ended up being sold for a budget price.  Starting with lot 2, an imperf pair 3d beavers,  with a Unitrade catalogue value of $1,600 sold for just $525. The cancels are outstanding on this pair.   Just goes to show, you can never really anticipate what’s going to happen on auction day. 

1851 3d red Beaver Imperforate, on Laid Paper - courtesy Sparks Auctions

Lot 17, a lovely little stamp with a strong #8 Chatham cancel sold for $10 under estimate at $40.  For early Canadian collectors,  #4ii 1852 3d orange red Beaver Imperforate ended up as a solid buy. 

8 #4ii 1852 3d orange red Beaver Imperforate, used with ideal strike of 4-ring #8 (Chatham), with four clear to large margins but with two tiny pinholes. image courtesy Sparks Auctions

Lot 119 was the one that captured me. Over 2,000 small Queens and 13 covers, a cancel hounds delight, was listed at $300. This bargain for the right collector, sold for way under the estimate at $170.

So there were some real winners in the auction and if you want to see the results for Auction 27 the pdf is available at Sparks’ website now. You can still download the catalogues for the auction – They haven’t posted information on Auction 28, but it’s slated for sometime in Sept.  I did pull one tidbit from their page that I’ll be watching for –  “specialized collections of Canadian air mail and first flights”. I can’t wait to see what is included. I’ll keep you posted.

** all images courtesy Sparks Auctions

Update on WW1 poster #FWS1-4 at Sparks auction

Update on WW1 poster #FWS1-4 at Sparks auction

The realised price sheet is up for the May 29th-30th, 2018 Sparks Auction #27 so I checked out the WW1 poster I wrote about a few weeks back. #FWS1-4  1918 War Saving poster sold for $625, $125 below the listed estimate. Someone picked up a bit of a bargain. The poster was touted to be nearly as sharp and clean as the day it was produced after being stored  in a “non-smoking and archival environment for the past 100 years”.  Lucky bidder!  I hope they enjoy the poster and take great care of it. 

Read the original article here:

Sparks Auction gem – WW1 war saving poster up for grabs

USPS summer treat – scratch ‘n sniff stamps

USPS summer treat – scratch ‘n sniff stamps

The USPS is offering up a booklet of popsicle scratch n’ sniff stamps to kick off the summer.  On June 20th, the US post office will roll out new stamps titled “Frozen Treats”. If you’re interested in them, I’d suggest you pre-order because stamps like this tend to go fast.

Image of new USPS scratch and sniff stamps showing popsicles

The booklet of 20 forever stamps, selling for $10, showcases Margaret Berg’s wonderful art.  What smells are going to be offered up? The post office isn’t saying so you’ll have to buy them to find out.  If you’re in Austin, Texas, you can attend the official unveiling at  The Thinkery Children’s Museum at 6 pm in the Events Courtyard. If you can’t attend, tune in via the USPS Facebook page to watch the live stream ceremony.

Pre-order “Frozen Treats” directly through the USPS website. If you buy them, let me know what they smell like. It’ll be interesting to hear what each person identifies.