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May 25, 2016

Chestnut trees in full bloom – David Balfour Park 2016

Chestnut tree blossoms David Balfour Park - Toronto 2016

I was cutting through the park today on my way to pick up a bag of espresso beans and stopped to admire the chestnut trees in full bloom today.  We’re lucky, the David Balfour park has a number of them, in good health, including these two:

Chestnut tree blossoms David Balfour Park - Toronto 2016

 If you don’t look closely, you’d think it was one huge stately tree, but it is two.  The original photo was too washed out to bother posting. The one above was enhanced using NIK Silver Efex using a couple of filters and Agfa paper effect. Then I just layered it over the original and tapped multiply. It brought it back to life. Nothing I could do with the sky.  The day is so intensly bright, nothing short of a lens filter would prevent the bleaching.

The problem with trying to take photos of the tree blossoms is, I’m too damned short. I have to stand on my toes to try and capture a few shots.  It can be tricky. For every 6 or 7 shots, I get one that’s acceptable.  And jumping up and down trying to catch a good photo doesn’t work … I’ve tried. All you end up with is a bunch of blurry photos.  The wind was picking up as well, which complicated things. But I managed to grab a few okay photos.   Chestnut tree blossoms David Balfour Park - Toronto 2016

 I have no idea which chestnut tree type this is, my tree identification skills are pretty sad.  If you want to see them, better head out to the park within the week. The blossoms never seem to be out for long.  

Chestnut tree blossoms David Balfour Park - Toronto 2016




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