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January 22, 2016

Cold evening in downtown Toronto – midnight blue at it’s best

Heading home around 6 the other day and noticed the most amazing midnight blue sky. With all the light polution in the downtown Toronto area, the sky often has a muddy look. But something about that early evening turned the sky an intense blue.  I tried to capture a couple of pictures, but my little cell phone camera doesn’t do good night shots. The photos came out better than I had hoped for.

With the exception of a bit of cropping, the photos are not retouched. The blue came out just about perfect – far better than I thought they would. I was standing outside the Hothouse Cafe on Front Street, just down from the Flat Iron building.


Toronto 2016 at dusk, near the Flat Iron building

I walked up the street a bit, looking at the steam billowing out of the TD building. At that point, I wished I had a camera that did night shots. The lights are a bit off, but the colours are spot on:

Toronto 2016 Jan - view of TD building at night

I took a series of shots and within 20 minutes the blue had faded away.


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