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December 04, 2015

Coming up for air & not liking what I see

Sitting here trying to enjoy my coffee and feeling exhausted. Two people sitting near me talk 100 miles a min, quite loud and I swear they never stop long enough to breath.  Which leads me to the following thoughts:


  • Do you think oxygen deprivation is a possible threat to their wellbeing?
  • Do they actually hear the words each other speak? Can’t be possible.
  • Why do people sit in a public place and conduct private business? Are they so oblivious to the fact we can hear them discuss their employee evaluations?
  • Is it essential they speak at a decibel level that sets off alarms?
  • How about when they answer their phones? Modern technology means we don’t need to SHOUT into the phone to be heard.
  • Do they not have offices?
  • Do they really think it’s socially acceptable to demand someone move so they can plug their devices into the power outlet under my table?
  • Are they so dim they can’t see the dangers of stringing their power cable across the floor, about 2 inches above the ground?
  • Are they so self involved that they don’t get why their snarky response to the person who tripped on their computer cable was unacceptable?

Not having a happy day. Going home. Hiding under the bed. Wake me when the world learns remedial manners.  


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