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Check out some of the merchandise available at my Red Bubble Store. New designs are loaded every month.

A percentage of all sales goes directly to Bitter Grounds Magazine. 

Why Red Bubble?

I’ve seen their merchandise and was impressed with the quality so I signed up for a store with them.  I design the merchandise, set the % (currently at 10% of the price) and they do the heavy lifting.

I’ve posted a sampling of some ofthe times here. Click on any of the images below to go directly to the store.


To see all items go to

What’s available?

Masks, shirts, a few puzzles, stickers, buttons, magnets, and much more. Don’t forget to check out the link that says “View this design on +24 products”  to see all merchandise available in a particular design.

I have fun searching through things I’ve created over the years and producing new ideas for you.  The merchandise emphasises my joys in life – technology as art, philately & aviation, and simple designs I worked on over the years.  

Enjoy and drop me a line if you pick something out.  Send a selfie and I’ll show you off.


Two people wearing black tshirts with Canadian airmail stamp design

Philately – Canadian airmail – steam paddler & seaplane

Sweatshirt with red maple leaf on front

Classic Canadian Maple Leaf

Tshirt showing view looking skyward of a skyscrapper

Architecture – skyscraper – tower optical illusion 

The penny farthing on coasters

Architecture – black and white skyscraper

PIllow with Antoinette Flyer schematics as the pattern

Philately – It’s about the Journey – Rocket Mail from India

PIllow with Antoinette Flyer schematics as the pattern

RCAF “Nimble Bat” Squadron – All-Weather (Fighter) unit

PIllow with Antoinette Flyer schematics as the pattern

Digital Art –

Green Dragon Fly

PIllow with Antoinette Flyer schematics as the pattern

Daedalus in flight – Canadian airmail stamp

PIllow with Antoinette Flyer schematics as the pattern

Stylized dragons facing off

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