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I'm getting too old for this shit

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    Cleaning up a magnificent 1908 Antoinette Flyer schematic

    One frustrating aspect of collecting pioneer aviation material is the lack of clean schematics to use ...

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    Holidays, cranberries & 1 patent to put ridges on the jelly

    Holidays equal cranberries. And what holiday meal is complete without a feeding of freshly cooked cranberry ...

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    Official Store Launch – merch to support Bitter Grounds

    I finally followed through on a project I started last year - merch to support the site. I spent a few ...

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    About a flu shot and web sites 2020

    Get your flu shot! Went for a flu shot the other day. Yes, I am one of those who diligently toddle off ...

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    Of bonfires, food and friends in a Covid world

    Today, is about memories of bonfires, food and friends.  Lately, I've been feeling what I call the ...

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    Yodeling cowboys, ramen, and grief

    Grief is a funny thing. One moment you’re doing fine, getting on with life and the next moment a memory ...

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    World Tripe Day is coming up – I blame Pepys

    Ah yes, World Tripe Day is a thing. You might be one of those shaking your head in disbelief along with ...

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    Ok, here’s the new plan for turning 60

    I’ll be turning 60 in a few days. Unlike many, I’m not dreading it. My opinion has always been, ...

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    Catsitting & the best toebeans around

    Spent a couple hours trying to photograph some toebeans. No, I didn't randomly stalk cats in the neighbourhood ...

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    Time away & a selfie in Stratford

    Friends decided I needed a brain break from 2020. They arranged for a weekend of food, wine, a play ...

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    Dropping out of social media for a breather

    I made a decision in Dec that it was time to step back from social media for a bit. It can suck you ...

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    I’m getting too old for this shit

    I changed the name of the column to "I'm getting too old for this shit".  I switched the name on the ...

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    Ye cats – another podcast?

    Experimenting with video recording software so the podcasts are more than voice overs. Testing out Open ...

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    Dear CEO scam is causing trouble

    If you own a website, chances are high you've received the Dear CEO scam email: It reads: Dear CEO, ...

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    New podcast premier! – check it out

    At long last, I've finally did it. Podcast #1 - memoirs of an analogue person was posted last night ...

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    Junk mail solution – if I buy your product, will it delete you?

    Like everyone else, I get a lot of unwanted junk mail. Today, I spotted this gem and wondered if it ...

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    I have to stay off r/ChoosingBeggars

    I've been lurking over at r/ChoosingBeggars lately. Lots of time to kill while I wait in hospital corridors ...

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    An unfortunate incident with the microwave

    "There was an unfortunate incident with the microwave" is not a sentence that inspires confidence in ...

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    Reddit humour can’t be unseen – r/mildlyinteresting

    Reddit throws up a lot funny as hell posts periodically in the r/mildlyinteresting feed.  Now I can't ...

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    A rock hunting I will go this summer

    I’m going to go rock hunting this summer. “What’s that?” I hear you asking, "rock hunting? That ...

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    How about some more fun with this day in history – Wolfe & Montcalm

    I was poking around a few history websites yesterday and discovered it's the anniversary of the Battle ...

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    Bring on the adult fidget spinners

    I'm incapable of sitting around doing nothing so my hands find things to turn into adult fidget spinners. ...

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    Catpaw finds her (photographic) groove

    Arggh! I hate when I lose my writing rhythm.  If I stray from a schedule I start to think "oh I'll ...

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    Old blog | new design – Cheers!

    The site has been off line for a couple of weeks, as I rethought what I want from it. I'm pleased with ...

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    Lurking around Toronto with my camera & misc thoughts

    I've been wandering around Toronto in my spare time, testing out routes for the Mapping Toronto project.  ...

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    A contest? Really? Stay tuned for details

    I’m thinking of running a small contest to help us get through the rest of winter.  I played with ...

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    Well this is ominous

    Does this mean I should cancel my plans for the weekend?

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    It was a brilliant idea – now if only I could remember what it was

    This Post-it has been stuck to my desk for months: The first part is easy - it's a site I wanted to ...

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    I have a plan involving a map, a Presto Card & a camera

    I have a plan and it centres around this map: That is a map of Toronto neighbourhoods – some indistinguishable ...

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    Do I see mammoth burgers buried under that ice?

    I needed  tea on Sunday and zipped over to the local Sobey’s to grab a box or two.  Don’t go there ...

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    Gaming 101 – don’t kill off your colonists in the first 15 min

    Ah, Gaming 101 - I am one of the worst video game players on earth.  Despite my utter ineptness, I ...

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    A little unboxing therapy – a ghost pepper sauce?

    Unboxing is usually the domain of tech and gaming sites or fashion, but I get a bit more pumped over ...

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    Ah, sunshine and robins .. okay just one robin

    From about a week ago, before the great inundation last week. Looks like lots of nice weather coming ...

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    A nerd, a bunch of earth magnets & time to kill

    What can you do with about a dozen earth magnets pulled from dead hard drives? Why, make magnet sculptures ...

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    Still sulking but here’s another pencil sketch anyway

    Maybe losing my Wacom might have been a good thing (for the short term). I sat down yesterday and looked ...

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    New apartment, new chair – back in business

    It's been a busy 2 months, but finally settled into new digs. Great little place, felt like home the ...

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    Food … oh glorious, wonderful food! – trip to the local baklawa place

    Ah yes ... I love food. Pretty much all types. That's one of the great things about living in Toronto, ...

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    Not even for free coffee

    Sorry Starbucks, the only way this is going to happen is if I've stayed up all night:

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    How I torture myself every Christmas

    I always know it’s Christmas when all the appalling perfume and cologne commercials flood the airways. ...

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    Want to buy me a Christmas present?

    I stumbled across some of the absolute coolest presents ever. Suck UK has an amazing collection of quirky ...

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    This made my day – invasion Toronto all set

    This flashed across my Twitter feed a few weeks back and I forgot to post it: You know it's going to ...

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    I dunno, it still looks like a penis being waved at me

    There's a piece of sculpture on St. Clair W, near Avenue road. It's pretty sizeable, and when I walk ...

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    Can we calculate the pressure of the average Godzilla foot stomp?

    I spent two-thirds of the day sitting around waiting for the next appointment … then sitting around ...

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    A little whale humour – more fun w/ headlines

    The first thing that popped into my mind was "So does this mean the humans weren't close personal friends ...

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    A little more Google maps fun – finding the Doctor

    Ever wanted to hop aboard the Tardis and leave this sorry excuse of a planet? No, sorry I can't help ...

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    Life is conspiring against me … and an update on the building demo across the road

    I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve not had a lot of time to do anything but go back and forth, back ...

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    Weather cancelled – internet humour

    From a couple weeks ago. I looked up the weather and this popped up: That's it ... no weather on Friday. ...

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    Sometimes you just have to watch the clouds go by

    Out on the balcony tonight watching the sun set and suddenly thought "Hell, where's my camera". Almost ...

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    The damned bastards! Where was my wakeup call?

    For a couple weeks now the building across the road has been in tear down mode. The old CHUM building ...

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    Look potatoes! I actually grew potatoes on my balcony!

    Look! My potato plant actually produced - a hell of a lot better than anything else I planted last spring. ...

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    All hail our Ant Overlords … or maybe Cat Overlords

    Had the scare of my life this morning. I drifted off to sleep watching a Youtube video last night. ...

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    Naughty Waldo – banned by a boob

    I can't stop laughing. Someone had a hissy fit over this:  Evidently Waldo was a naughty boy and let ...

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    Call me when they manage to create real mutant ants

    Someone posted this Toronto Star article on their Facebook page today: Many were a bit freaked out by ...

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    A beetle, some Black Bear espresso & everything is right with the world

    Woke up this morning knowing everything would be ok with the world today.  I have my beloved Black ...

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    Little Portugal, French cooking & a lazy Monday afternoon in Toronto

    Went for lunch with a friend this afternoon. She wanted to try Le Baratin, a French restaurant down ...

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    We’ll always have the chili peppers

    The best I can say is my balcony garden is green.  My tomatoes don't seem to want to tomato. They just ...

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    Attack of the ATOMIC SPIDERS at midnight

    Ok, I’m admitting to a severe spider phobia.  Snakes, preying mantis (which are the coolest creatures ...

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    Heartbreak on Tomato Ridge – more tales from my balcony garden

    The gardening gods conspire against me ... aphids, withering heat, smog and wind have all played a ...

  • thumb 763

    Finally! One of my balcony roses

    I finally snagged a good photo of the rose bush growing on my balcony: My rose bush has come along ...

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    Of aphid wars, mutant lettuce and balcony potatoes

    It’s been a bit of an odd week around here. I’ve been trying to figure out a schedule for posting ...

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    Do it yourself smart phone kits – an idea ahead of it’s time. #humour

    I was thinking about some of the cockeyed ideas I had yesterday while I was basting on the subway and ...

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    Twitter humour win – you mean hackers don’t really look like this?

    Twitter, as usual has the best snark around:

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    Was going to show you the roses on my balcony … but how about a potato instead

    It was a jaw droppingly bad week, and I struggled to write anything. The only upside to the week was ...

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    They had 1 job: who knew cucumbers were red ‘n round?

    Our local Sobey's is ripe with nonsense like this. I go for the sheer entertainment value.  

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    Once seen, it can never be unseen

    This guy won Twitter for the day.... and for the record, I can no longer see a seagull.

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    Dispatches from the urban garden front – the great aphid battle of 2016

    During my daily garden check Saturday afternoon, I spotted a few aphids lurking on the morning glory.  ...

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    More fun with Cortana – 50 Shades of Hell

    Did a Cortana search on an image from Good Reads - Dante's Inferno and this popped up: Admit it, you ...

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    Fun with Microsoft Cortana’s search

    When I'm bored, I fire up Windows 10 Cortana and do random searches to see what pops up.  I become ...

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    Rings of hell – of kittens, fedoras & frying pans

    Did a search on Bing for images of "Dante's Inferno rings of hell" and this popped up as top results: ...

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    Who’s been fiddling with the thermostat?

    Ok, I'm going to ask this nicely ... which one of you has been fiddling about with the thermostat? Come ...

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    For those who love our little pedantic moments

    No idea where this came from. If you own the rights to it, please let me know ASAP and I'll remove ...

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    Finishing off a roadkill kind of week – Win10 installs & glitches

    See that picture on the right? That's me curled up in a ball saying "go away". I really had a lot ...

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    Last chance lilacs – balcony lilacs in full bloom

    Enjoying the brief and modest display from my lilac tree. They did far better than expected. Not a big ...

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    First rule of Spelling Bee Fight Club

    If you're going to troll the fine folks at the Scripps Spelling Bee, you better know how to spell:   ...

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    My that was fast – deadline fail

    Well, aren't they the demons of speed! Good thing I wasn't on a deadline. FYI: the website in question ...

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    Of ice and cold and undead trees – balcony garden

    The weather took a nasty turn here in Toronto on the weekend …. again.   I’d hate to see the weather ...

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    Behold – the mighty dandelion, slayer of lawns

    Dandelion: A widely distributed weed of the daisy family, with a rosette of leaves and large bright ...

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    Twitter – making procrastination sound good

    Send this to your boss next time he/she accuses you of wasting time:

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    Balcony surprise – lilacs in the city 20 floor up

    I was just out on the balcony about 15 min ago and was shocked to see this: Our lovely and much neglected ...

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    I must have missed this history class

    Okay ... where do we start on this one? My heart goes out to the student.  

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    Bitter Grounds brain farts – site design failures

    I screwed up last night. Was feeling tired but wanted to tinker a bit with the site’s design and I ...

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    Oh Canada – we really are nerdy

    Canada's census has returned and so many Canadians rushed in breathless excitement to fill it out, we ...

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    Meandering towards spring

    Incredible change in the weather. It’s not sub zero, rainy, cloudy, sleety (is that a word?) blah ...

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    The Theory of Headphone Entanglement

    How does this happen?  This is a mild case, only 3 knots and 5 loop de loops. Some mornings it takes ...

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    Word salad day – musings on mundane headline failures

    Destroy: (v) 1. End the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking… 2. Ruin (someone) emotionally ...

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    Making America great through free porn

    This started out as an interesting conversation on the US elections. It didn't stay that way for long: ...

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    Sidewalks? TO’s big FU to pedestrians

    Know what really ticks me off about living in Toronto? This: The endless blocks on sidewalks. This is ...

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    Twitter winner – Reboot the world

    What do you think? This person wins the Internet?

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    It’s official – proof spring has arrived in Canada

    A sure harbinger of spring in Canada - roadwork groundhogs have begun popping out of their holes here ...

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    Retirement bingo – yea it’s cheap … but would you want to live there

    Not entirely sure what criteria this author was using to list  places to live or retire.  Her only ...

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    That’ll learn him – Facebook humour

    A friend on Facebook tried to setup a new group. His choice of name was rejected. A little while later ...

  • thumb 467

    Dubious marketing connections

    Not sure if this ad amuses me or disturbs me.  My eyes got as far as the raccoon in a bowl and "four ...

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    Criminal genius in training

    Filed under "How not to rob a bank". Subcategory "flamingly obvious things not to do".

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    Trolling for Zeus

    This one gave me a bad case of the snickers today.   Posted in a Q&A forum that's a battle ground: ...

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    Remember those drawings of feathers?

    Over the holidays I pulled my sketching material out for the first time in a long stretch. Suddenly ...

  • thumb 386

    Pencil sketches, feathers and a crappy week

    Trying to get over a weirdly awful week that started with the death of a friend and ended with me doing ...

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    Best Tweet of the day

    Not everyone will get this:

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    I love typos

    But not as much as I enjoy smart ass answers.

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    I’m pretty sure these aren’t bananas

    Nope, don't look like bananas to me.

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    Ha! – our spruce tree lives

    Out looking at our little balcony garden and thrilled to see all the new growth on our spruce tree. ...

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    Who knew Diana Krall was this talented

    Kept this one for a day I needed a snicker.... sometimes I think about sending this along to Ms Krall ...

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    Just about now even a dandelion would be a welcome site.

        For everyone who's slowly losing faith spring will ever arrive...