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August 21, 2017

Do I see mammoth burgers buried under that ice?

I needed  tea on Sunday and zipped over to the local Sobey’s to grab a box or two.  Don’t go there often for a variety of reasons, but they’re the only ones in the area that carry the tea I like, so needs must. While whipping down the aisle to the tea section,  I spotted this: Photo of malfunctioning freezer unit with ice buildup

I had this irrational desire to knock on the freezer door and ask if Philip J Fry was there. Oh come on, admit it, there’s never an inappropriate time for a Futurama reference.  It wasn’t just one freezer unit with serious issues in that store. Freezers in the front and the back look like this. After poking the packages I figured out they weren’t cryogenics units but the frozen tundra.  Photo showing serious ice build up in an industrial freezer

If I had brought a little ice pick I could have excavated and seen if there were mammoth bones buried under all the ice and snow. And, be still my beating heart – do I see prehistoric steak cut fries buried under that snow and ice?

Photo showing serious ice build up in an industrial freezerLooks appetizing, hmm? Those Jamie Oliver meals look tempting too, don’t they? I suspect it’ll be a hell of a struggle seperating those boxes from the shelf. A blow torch might be required.

More freezer burnt food

On the upside, the staff are keeping the freezer units well stocked.


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