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Ukrposhta post office update

Ukrposhta post office update

Ukrposhta post office update:  Ukrposhta is temporarily inaccessible. Not sure how far this extends, but so far this week, Ukraine's post office has been blocked. If anyone has had success accessing the site could you drop a comment below....

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Folktale from Vietnam – starfruit tree

Folktale from Vietnam – starfruit tree

If you are a fan of folktales, myths, and legends, then 2022 is your year. Vietnam has joined the growing list of fantastic local tales on stamps with their June 25 release Vietnamese Fairy Tales: The Starfruit Tree | Truyện cổ tích Việt Nam: Cây khế.   The story uses...

Canada Post Honours 3 Indigenous Leaders

Canada Post Honours 3 Indigenous Leaders

Canada Post is honouring Indigenous leaders Harry Daniels, Jose Kusugak and Chief Marie-Anne Day Walker-Pelletier on National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21, 2022). Lime Design, the designers behind some of Canada Post's best Black History Month stamps created this...

Uruguay 2022 cancel jackpot!

Seeing Daniel Pereyra's Chinese New Year stamp kick off Uruguay's yearly program is beginning to feel like a tradition. The New Year cycle began 8 years ago with his 2014 Year of the Horse set. I suspect an article is coming soon comparing his different...

Canada Post’s 2021 Black History month issues – Amber Valley

Canada Post's 2021 Black History month honours two black communities who carved out lives in Canada, Amber Valley, Alberta and Willow Grove, New Brunswick. I started drafting a single article but became engrossed in the histories of these communities and realised they...

Diving into pioneer aviation with the amazing 1909 Antoinette Flyer

Original pioneer aviation article published Oct 4, 2018. Updated Oct 1, 2020 Updates include more reference links, updated details, and additional information on pioneer aviation poster stamps Here's a little something from my pioneer aviation collection. I was...

2022 Serbian stamp program

Writing this intro to the 2022 Serbian stamp program gives me one last chance to talk about my favourite stamp of 2021.  Not favourite Serbian stamp, favourite of all releases world wide. If you've read many of my articles, you've already guessed which one it is. ...

Alderney stamps for 2021

The Alderney stamps for 2021 are easy to track with only 5 sets. The topics are: Anniversary of Decimalisation, UN Year of Fruit and Veg, Prince Philip, The Secret Garden and Alderney Christmas. It's pretty straight forward.  I'll poke around the Alderney Post website...
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