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December 14, 2014

Film grain effect – Adobe Photoshop

I take a lot of photos, many aren’t worth keeping. They’ll be slightly out of focus, not well composed or just boring. I’m not a patent photographer – I grab photos on the go and hope for the best.  Usually I just delete them.  Once in awhile, I’ll look at a photo and think “what a shame I didn’t take time to frame that better”, or more likely simply focus the camera.  A potentially good photo ruined by impatience.  Then I fire up Photoshop and run it through a few filters to see what happens. 


I applied a film grain filter to compensate for the slight out of focus look. Then upped the contrast a bit to bring out the shadowing. There… one psuedo artistic mushroom.

  • taken Lumia Win 8 phone
  • Nov 2014 Toronto
  • Adobe Photoshop film grain effect


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