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Foggy morning in Toronto – winter goes at last

Written by catpaw

April 11, 2016

Good news! Winter finally moved along. Bad news, I’m Canadian which means I’ll still talk about the weather regardless the conditions. It rained and snowed all through the night. By morning, the temperature had risen above the chilling -10 with the wind-chill from Saturday and zipped into 3 Celsius. It’s now a balmy 8 degrees out there and no rain.

It was discombobulating this morning. The alarm went off and I rolled back to sleep thinking I’d set the alarm too early. It was dark. About 5 min later I sat up in bed and thought “wait, what time is it?” The fog had rolled in so heavy nothing was visible out the window. We get that up here on the 20th floor more often than you’d imagine. It’s kind of cool. Some days the fog is so thick around the building, the balcony railing isn’t visible. This morning was like that. By 10:30, the fog was still hanging in, but all clear once you got below the 15th floor.

Toronto fogged in along Yonge St

Along Yonge Street, looking north, the fog was still hanging low enough to hide many of the taller buildings. And yes, it really was that dark and dim. Once I hit ground floor, there was no fog at street level, but looking up, I couldn’t see our apartment.

Toronto west fogged in

Fogs all gone now, it’s just a dreary looking day. But … it’s warmer so I don’t care.




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