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Guess where I went? CAPEX 22

Written by catpaw

June 11, 2022

So, have you guessed? That’s right, CAPEX 22 right here in Toronto! Events like this are great opportunities to scoop up catalogues and info for the archives. The first thing I beelined for was Canada Post’s 3 special overprinted souvenir sheets in a folder. 

 CAPEX22 souvenir sheets 

Canada Post’s booth was a trove of great stamps. Wish I had more money to scoop everything they had on offer. CP had special cancels for this set, but, although I’m a massive cancel hound, I couldn’t bring myself to touch the sheets. They’ll be popped into my collection later, but for now, I have them on display. 

You can see more about this set over on the Canada 2022 page, along with the rest of the year’s program. The more I look at the Vintage Travel Posters, the more I’m convinced they are the 2022 Best Pick. I love 1930s style designs and this set has 4 from that classic period. As a bonus, Canada Post also issued a set of pre-stamped postcards. As many Canadian collectors know, Canada Post doesn’t issue a lot of postcards, so this is a special lot. Grab them while you can. 

Canada 2022 Vintage travel posters postcard 5 Canada 2022 Vintage travel posters postcard 12 Canada 2022 Vintage travel posters postcard 2 Canada 2022 Vintage travel posters postcard 9Canada 2022 Vintage travel posters postcard 10

What else did I grab? Catalogues! OH THE CATALOGUES. I love looking through auction catalogues, especially older ones. Take a look at this haul.

CAPEX 2022 catalogues 

Tons of reading, including a stack of Canadian Philatelist magazines. Great magazine by the way. I have dozens of back issues I use for reference all the time. You can subscribe here The Canadian Philatelist. If you can, keep an eye open for older issues for your archives. 

Also spotted, one of the best Cinderellas I’ve seen in eons. The folks in Boston are already prepping for their big Boston 2026 World Expo. As well as the expected brochures and flyers, they were giving away this set of promotional advertising stamps.


Boston 2026 Cinderella stamps


It’s never too late to start planning for the Boston 2026 World Stamp Show, Inc. – The Twelfth International Philatelic Exhibition of the United States. Check out the details and watch for news. I’m going to keep my eyes on this one, and hope I can go. If I can’t get to one of Paris’ exhibitions, Boston will do. 


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