I’m still moaning and complaining about losing my Wacom tablet during the move this month. Hopefully I’ve simply placed it somewhere and I’ll stumble over it eventually. I’ve set up my desk and when I get up in the morning, I can’t wait to settle in to work. A bit irritating and yes I’m sulking a little.  So, instead of more work on the door arch, I’ll show some older pencil drawings I’ve done. 

Pencil drawing of prothonotary warbler drawn 2009

Drew this back in 2009. Long time ago now. I’ve pulled out my pencils again and started sketching. I keep gravitating towards little song birds for some reason.  They’re fun to draw. The fine little fellow above is a prothonotary warbler. He came out quite well. I haven’t drawn much lately, got tied up with the digital aspect too much and have neglected hand sketching.  I’m trying to expand into other areas, but my sense of perspective is a bit wobbly. I’m fine drawing on the right side of the paper, in great detail, but when I move to the left of the page my sense of space and perspective goes a bit array. No idea why so I’m trying to figure out a way of compensating for the brain glitch. I’m trying to expand into sketching buildings. So far, “oh the embarassment”! I don’t think I’ll share any of them.

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